Thursday, July 24, 2014

Must not smile at Auschwitz

An Alabama teenager criticized for taking a smiling selfie during a tour of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp has said she doesn't regret the picture.

Breanna Mitchell defended her actions on TakePart Live on Monday, saying she took the picture in memory of her father, who taught her about the concentration camps.

Criticism of the girl's selfie came during a growing trend of tourists snapping pictures of themselves at memorials, including at Ground Zero in New York.

In Mitchell's case, the teenager said she had made the trip to Auschwitz on the anniversary of her father's death, and had wanted a memento.

The teenager added that she had been shocked by the sudden interest in the picture, and said she had been sent harsh messages and even death threats.



Anonymous said...

Is this really that big a deal. Are pictures not allowed there? I think there are bigger problems in the world other than a teen taking a picture of herself at a WWII era concentration camp.

Anonymous said...

Yes no big deal as teenagers have no sense of occasion - or much sense at all (especially making the pic global and open to comment).

Bird of Paradise said...

So tired of the PC crowd of idiots i want to let loose with a loud bird call KKKKKKRRRRRRRAAAAAWWWWW

Use the Name, Luke said...

In this case it sounds like she did have a sense of occasion.

Anonymous said...

There are lots of pictures of those places without people in them. You take a picture of yourself there to show you were there and personalize the experience. People smile in pictures. What are people reading into the smile? Happiness that it happened? Why not happiness that it was overcome and no longer murders people? Maybe they should post some sort of common etiquette code at the gate so no one ever misreads or reads into any photos at the sites. Or maybe people can grow a spine and stop looking for tiny minor little bullshit to get all in a tizzy over when today people are being butchered still all over the world.

Anonymous said...

It's one thing to take photos grinning in front of famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty, but in front of a site known only as a death camp where so many died horrifically it is tasteless, as is tourism to such sites unless for the solemn purpose of personal investigation and with any photos in accordance.
(You are mistaken Luke as to this teenager's having a "sense of occasion", regardless of her father's apparent lessons in history.)