Monday, July 14, 2014

Australia: Football  commentator apologises for on-air 'gay slur'

A Channel Seven AFL commentator has apologised for referring to Geelong defender Harry Taylor as a "big poofter" on live television.

Veteran personality Brian Taylor, who played for Collingwood and Richmond, made the remarks during the coverage of the Sydney v Carlton game after file footage was shown of the Geelong defender celebrating his 150th game last week.

“I don’t know whether you guys down there can hear me or not. I am up here getting ready for the game and I’ve just seen that crap from Harry — he’s a big poofter,” Taylor said.

At half-time, Taylor apologised for the remarks, which caused widespread outrage on social media.


"Poofter" is the Australian version of "faggott" but is not as offensive.  It can mean simply someone who is a bit weak or foolish in some way, which was the probable meaning in the episode above.


Anonymous said...

It would seem that he's a poofter for apologizing.

stinky said...

"What I said was wrong and I apologize to poofters everywhere."

Disillusioned said...

There is nothing to apologise for. Can't anyone give an honest opinion anymore? It's bad as the crucifying of the UK sports commentator who accused a football player of kicking like a girl after a miserable attempt at goal. So much for macho sports.

Bird of Paradise said...

If i made a comment some rainbow freak boy consitred offensive and demanded i appoligise i would tell them to SHOVE IT UP THEIR A**