Monday, July 28, 2014

Risky to refer to the lost Malaysian airliner

Singapore Airlines was slammed this week for attempting to reassure customers its planes weren’t flying over Ukrainian airspace in the tragic aftermath of doomed flight MH17.

The well-intentioned comments earned them a sharp rebuke on social media, with many deeming it offensive they had dared to tweet something so “insensitive” in the hours immediately following the tragedy.



Anonymous said...

The professionally offended are always ready to make stupid comments.

Brian from Virginia said...

I would rather fly on an airline that didn't venture into hostile airspace. But I'm crazy that way. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Brian.
I really want to know if the plane I'm on is or isn't flying through potentially hostile airspace.

Anonymous said...

I've flown Singapore Airlines multiple times and prefer them to most international carriers. Especially to those carriers based in the United States. Their stewardesses are beautiful, courteous, and professional and make you feel pampered even if you're not flying first class.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, its a minefield out there.
As for the statement - if I were about to fly with SIA I would want to know whether they flew over Ukraine.

Bird of Paradise said...

Innocent lives were lost but who is responsible?