Thursday, July 10, 2014

Australia:  Bogan controversy mayor 'will not stand down'

"Bogan" is difficult to define.  An uncultured and ignorant working class person is about it

Glamorgan Spring Bay Council Mayor Bertrand Cadart has said he will not stand down, even if his fellow councillors declare they have lost confidence in him.

Councillor Cadart is facing a vote of no confidence next week, after making national headlines for calling members of his council area "the most bogan of bogans".

The mayor said his comments had been taken out of context.

"Because English is my second, obviously not my mother tongue," said the French-born mayor.

Some councillors and local residents were upset after the mayor told a magazine that Triabunna [the town at the centre of the Glamorgan Spring Bay area] was ugly and he did not care about the people living there.



Bird of Paradise said...

A Bogan? Sounds like something to scare the kids with kind of like The Bunyip or boogieman

Anonymous said...

There is no reason why he should stand down. All he has done is identified a segment of his community in order to react to their needs. Something expected of any mayor.