Monday, July 07, 2014

Australia:  Socialist Alternative withdraws violent cover graphic of PM

The Leftist hate never stops. Hating is what they do

The Socialist Alternative has withdrawn its newspapers featuring a violent image depicting Tony Abbott getting his throat cut following a public backlash.

The image was accompanied by the headline "One cut we'd like to see” and was on the front page of its paper Red Flag.

The organisation posted the image last night on its Facebook page, prompting more than 200 comments, most of them negative.

One user said: "Oh ... not cool. I’m no fan of the LNP — policies, parties, associates or leader — but this seems unnecessarily violent.”

Another said: "dreadful picture. DO NOT CONDONE violence to anyone. Even Abbott. You LOST me off this page and as a supporter.”

The Socialist Alternative released a statement this morning saying it would withdraw the cover, citing "legal concerns”.



Anonymous said...

Don;t like the cover but don't think it should be pulled.
It is clearly a reaction to the budget 'cuts' and is also reminiscent of previous political imagery.

Anonymous said...

Australia needs its own version Joseph McCarthy desperately.

Bird of Paradise said...

Karl Marx one histories most evil men his radical philosrphies are what drives all leftists