Thursday, July 10, 2014

Australian model Samie Robinson accused of racism after posting insensitive blackface photo on Instagram

An Australian model has found herself at the centre of a race row after she shared a photo of a woman in blackface on her Instagram account.

Samie Robinson, from Sydney, who signed with IMG Models, upoloaded the shot on Wednesday of herself and friend Lillian Garrett, who was in costume to look like rapper Lil Wayne, which included blackface make-up - an old fashioned theatrical technique deemed highly offensive.

After posting the shot and captioning it with a birthday shout-out to Lillian, some of the 18-year-old's followers pointed out the cultural insensitivity of the photo.

Blackface is considered offensive given its origins in America in the 1800s when it was used in thetrical productions to portray stereotypical black characters, proliferating racist ideas.

But Samie hit back at the detractors, defending the photo and her friend Lilly who was wearing the make-up.  '[I] don't see how [it's racist], [Lil Wayne] is clearly black and she has painted herself this way to portray him,' she wrote.  'Would it not be more racist to portray him as a white man, which he clearly isn't?'



Bird of Paradise said...

Racsisim smacsisim these whinny little liberals are such a bunch of little wossietards

Anonymous said...

She makes a valid point for a person who has neither the personal nor national history of why this would be offensive.
As a teenage Australian she has no concept of why some people should find blackface offensive.

Stan B said...

"BlackFace" is more than just using a bit of shoe polish to paint your face black and pretend to be black. It includes portrayal of stereotypical behavior - in the 19th and 20th centuries, these were things like the "happy plantation slave" and "musical negroes."

People who get upset about a white person completing the portrayal of a black person with a bit of skin-tone enhancement display their ignorance when they attack the innocent mimicry of actual black people instead of the stereotypical archetypes....

Anonymous said...

FFS give it a rest. Enough of the leftist bullshit once and for all.

I suppose blackballing someone is out of the question as well?

I guess Michael Jackson was a racist with his permanent white face?

Go Away Bird said...

Liberals have no tollrence of Free Speech unless its for them alone