Thursday, July 31, 2014

Outrage at Upmarket British store after firm stocks 'sexist' beauty products called Fat Girl Slim

Must not mention FAT!

Marks and Spencer has been criticised for selling a range of body toning creams called ‘Fat Girl Slim’.  The products, including anti-cellulite cream and a stomach-toning gel called ‘six-pack’, have been accused of targeting 'insecure women' by campaigners in Brighton, West Sussex.

M&S insisted the name, which is by independent firm Bliss, was simply a light-hearted play on the name of DJ Fatboy Slim, aka Norman Cook.

But a shopper lodged a formal complaint with the manager of M&S's Western Road store in Brighton, citing the rate of eating disorders among young girls.

Brighton resident Frances Joseph, 41, urged customers to sign a petition which was started more than a year ago calling on Bliss to end its range entirely.

She said: 'Many of us agree that this is deeply inappropriate branding for a cosmetics range.

The firm responded: 'This is part of our Bliss beauty range; the products play on the popular DJ's name and aren't intended to cause offence.'

According to its website, Bliss began in 1996 with a spa in New York and later started marketing its treatments online and in shops. Its Fat Girl Slim range is thought to have existed for at least three years.



Anonymous said...

Waaa, Waaa.

Don't like it don't buy it!

Big freaking crybabies!

o mighty stinky said...

Sexual beauty is an evolved proxy for health status.

In particular, it reflects, for a woman, her likelihood of being a fertile, healthy mother. As such. males have evolved to key on those aspects of beauty that statistically best reflect this. A low waist/hip ratio, symmetrical face, clear skin ... these are "clinical" indicators that advertise a woman's physical fitness as a mate.

Such preferences are hardwired into males because they have worked so well in the past. Small wonder that women, equally evolved, strive to look better.

Anonymous said...

@Stinky, Also, being in good physical condition is not only a sign of good physical health, but also a minor psychological measure that if she can take care of herself she is more likely to be able to take care of children.

Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals are such whinners they whine about everything they think hurts the feeling of minority wanks

Olaf Koenders said...

Bet not a single one of their products work anyway. If primping suckers don't want to be preyed upon by snake-oilers irrespective the product name, they should get some brains first, before being offended for the wrong reasons.

A highly astute man of impeccable taste and class once said "Stupid is as stupid does".