Sunday, January 19, 2014

Uproar over advertisement featuring a Birmingham (UK) accent

Not quite clear why they don't want to hear their own accent on TV. I guess they think they are being laughed at.  Even more confusingly, they say it is not a real Birmingham (Brummie) accent.  So what's their beef?

I think that the real  problem is that many Britons look down on regional accents -- and regional people know it.  So they are quick to think someone is mocking them

An advert featuring a man speaking in a heavy Birmingham accent has provoked a furious response from the city's residents.

It shows a brightly-dressed couple trying to plan a romantic holiday, with the Hawaiian-shirted man repeatedly responding to the woman's requests with the phrase: 'Anything for you, cupcake'.

But the light-hearted commercial for travel site Hotels4u has riled Brummies, who claim it is 'offensive' and more annoying than the Go Compare advert, which sees a mustachioed opera singer bellowing out the company's name.

They have taken to social media sites to attack the TV campaign, describing it as 'appalling' and criticising the actor's Brummie accent as unrealistic.

'I'm from Birmingham and have never heard any fellow Brummies speak like that!' Angela Dubberley said on Facebook.  Vianney Lawlor stated: 'Not a Brummie accent. That's a Black Country accent.'

And Cactusrogeruk blasted: 'Bloody appalling! I can't believe this is actually a serious attempt to speak like people anywhere!'

However, last night the holiday firm revealed actor Craig Painting who stars in the advert was born and bred in Northfield, Birmingham.

Mike Hoban, marketing director for Hotels4u, said: 'We wanted to create a popular duo that people would warm to. That's why we cast a Birmingham born and bred actor as our lead character.

'We wanted to use a friendly accent from one of the great UK regions to help create a distinctive character so that people remember how easy it is to save money on hotel bookings.'



Anonymous said...

Birmingham..... Hmm, shouldn't that have an Arabic lilt to it now?

Anonymous said...

The Brummie accent is the most disliked of all UK regional accents, even more than Glasgow and Liverpool.

Anonymous said...

2:00 if you are referring to immigrants, Arabs hardly feature at all compared with Pakistani and Jamaican.