Thursday, January 09, 2014

Aldi cops backlash after advertising 'inflammatory' Australia Day shirts

Australia as we know it today undoubtedly began in 1788 when the first British settlers arrived.  And their descendants plus a continual stream ever since of migrants from Britain and Western Europe made Australia what it is today.  Aborigines have made virtually no positive contribution to what Australia is today.  Their main achievement has been to suck up a lot of welfare money.  The slogan on the shirts is therefore perfectly reasonable.  There was no Australia before whites arrived  -- just a scattering of  tribes who were mostly hostile to one another.  The name "Australia" is of Latin origin -- from "Australis", meaning Southern -- JR

SUPERMARKET chain Aldi has announced it will remove a range of t-shirt designs after copping backlash over advertising "inflammatory" and culturally insensitive Australia Day shirts in its latest catalogue and online.

Users on social media called for the shirts, designed with a slogan that reads "Australia est. 1788", to be pulled from stores after deeming it profoundly racist.

The shirts are advertised on the Aldi website and through its catalogue.

While the First Fleet landed in Australia in 1788, Australia's indigenous population have inhabited the land for at least 40,000 years prior. Many still call Australia Day, Invasion Day.

The shirts in question were not yet on sale, but the remainder of the range, without the offending slogan, is advertised to hit stores on January 11 and "will still be available", according to Aldi's statement.



Anonymous said...

Just amend it with 2 letters "Re-Est"

Anonymous said...

Ban it or try and pull it and the shirts will be far more valuable and more widely sought.. unless, Aussies are just PC wimps.

Disillusioned said...

The stupid part of it is that Aldi had the shirts approved by the previous government which was full of half wit lefties and no one complained then. It is just the professionally aggrieved lefty wingers trying to play fun police and spoil things for the general populace. There is no such thing as free speech in Australia and there is no law to allow it. They probably tried an Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson shakedown as well.

Anonymous said...

We have the same “native” response here in the United States but it rarely gets traction. The “natives” who were displaced during the American settlement had conquered a previous “native” population who had conquered a previous "native" population so they are no more "legitimate" than those who conquered them.

Anonymous said...

Australia was not established in 1788.
It would be much more accurate to say "Australia est. 1 Jan 1901" the date on which the federation of previously separate colonies occurred.
All that happened in 1788 was the establishment of the Botany Bay penal colony - not the establishment of Australia at all.
The outrage is entirely misplaced