Monday, January 06, 2014

Leftist intolerance: Young Woman Attacked For Her Beliefs

A fairly balanced Christian commentary on homosexuality by a vlogger called iEmanuella elicited such vicious comments from Leftists that she took her channel down rather than host or encourage such comments.  She has thus been largely silenced by hate


Anonymous said...

She's just another sanctimonious "Christian" pretending to "love" people while she describes them as sinners according to HER beliefs. Well, unless she's dumb as well, she should realize that she was bound to get many unpleasant responses including the nasty ones from trolls.
Why do Christians and Muslims harp on about the alleged sin of homosexuality and say very little about adultery and infidelity for instance, perhaps that's too close to home and it's easier to point out the faults of others or to scapegoat and in some cases to witch-hunt.

Anonymous said...

Not so much dumb as seeking to be the self-promoting martyr!

Anonymous said...

Homosexuals demand tolerance for their sexual perversion, but they are completely intolerant of any opposition !

Anonymous said...

Christians' have quite a lot to say about adultery. Muslims' not so much, since they get 4 wives officially and as many trysts (or rapes) as they want unofficially. If any of the women object, well it's just to bad for them. Really, really too bad, as in an acid facial or worse.

Bird of Paradise said...

Like all typical liberals the leftists brown-shirts jeject Free Speech for everybody ecept themselves

Dean said...

The responses to iEmanuella's video are indicative unfettered guilt and anger.

Guilt because LGBT people are living outside societal norms and are therefore told they are evil sinners. They aren't. Well, not all of them anyway. But guilt is poured out upon them anyway.

Anger because there is nothing they can do about their sexual orientation. They are victims of genetic and/or emotional problems that make for same gender attraction.

That doesn't make the vile comments any more acceptable.

If emotion could be put away while listening to iEmanuella's video her change in attitude and determination to love all is well documented. Her realization that it is not her role to reform homosexuals is also evident. The biblical quotes? One cannot argue with truth. Same sex intercourse is a sin as is heterosexual intercourse outside of marriage.

As a note to Anon 2:48 - I belong to a church (Christian) which teaches that homosexuality is NOT a sin. Homosexual intercourse is however, as is heterosexual intercourse outside of marriage.

Your question about homosexuality receiving more attention than adultery. Again in the church I attend that isn't true. Much more time is spent on the subject of fornication and adultery than homosexuality when sex is discussed.

Of course, I can't speak for other sects, just mine.

Anonymous said...

Gays should be shown the same exact amount of tolerance they show everyone else. 0.

Use the Name, Luke said...

She's just another sanctimonious "Christian" pretending to "love" people while she describes them as sinners according to HER beliefs.

Of course! How could we have been so blind? It's obviously hateful to warn people when you think they're in danger.

</dripping sarcasm>

Anonymous said...

If I may borrow a few quotes:

"The characteristic emotion of the Leftist is not envy. It's rage."

"Leftists are committed to grievance, not truth."

Sums up the left very well!

Anonymous said...

For very obvious reasons, homosexuals are only intolerant of those religious dogmas that are intolerant of them. Just as religious people would not like their whole lifestyle condemned as sinful by Gays or anyone else. But Gays don't condemn Christianity as a whole of course, many Gays still think of themselves as Christian. Christians should remember that not everyone agrees with their world-view based on the traditions of the Jewish religion 2000+ years ago (especially what is "sinful" etc.).