Friday, January 31, 2014

Must not imitate black people

Why does black behavior become obnoxious when whites do it?  Does that say something about black behavior in general?

As most citizens across the country were celebrating the life and stellar accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. over the federal King Holiday Weekend in a respectful way – some by attending special programs and others by volunteering for community service – a band of students at Arizona State University had less honorable things in mind.

Pictures of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity members holding a so-called “MLK Black Party” reflected almost every demeaning stereotype of African Americans imaginable, including White students drinking from watermelon cups, guests dressed in basketball jerseys and some flashing gang signs.

The off-campus party on Jan. 19 wasn’t sanctioned by Arizona State University administrators – or anyone else who believes in common decency. Once the offensive photos surfaced on social media, they were met with disbelief and outrage by the Black community.

At January 22 press conference in front of Arizona State University’s Cronkite School of Journalism on campus, several African-American community leaders demanded action against the offending students and fraternity.

”We regard the behavior exhibited as completely outrageous, extraordinarily offensive and wholly unacceptable,” said James Rund, ASU’s senior vice president for Educational Outreach and Student Services. “This kind of behavior is not tolerated by the university, and we intend to take swift and immediate action. We just don’t have room at the university to tolerate that kind of conduct.”.

Alex Baker, a spokesman for the national fraternity, said the group does not condone racist or discriminatory behavior.

Jocelyn Henderson also a junior, agrees with the revocation of the fraternity and those that participated in the party. “All the students that took part in it should be expelled.”


The ACLU is siding with the fraternity  -- free speech


stinky said...

Sure, it starts with basketball jerseys, but next thing you know it's blues, then jazz, and even dancing. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

if they weren't in "Black Face" who says they were imitating Blacks. Are the blacks who are claiming foul, saying that is what blacks do? Does it them mean that eating Chinese food is racist against Chinese?

Billy the Poet said...

JJGR was expelled from my arse

Anonymous said...

If this was off campus, no one including school officials have anything to say about it.