Wednesday, January 15, 2014

'Shut up you Harry Potter poofs': Russell Brand uses homophobic slur during Cambridge Students' Union address

Socialist comedians can do no wrong apparently.  The British term "poof" is equivalent to the American "faggott"

Russell Brand called Cambridge University students 'Harry Potter poofs' during a Union address on Monday night.

The comedian had been invited to speak by the student body of the high-brow university, and was looking at the various college crests before making the comment.

He used the derogatory term when telling students from one college to be quiet, after they cheered for Brand when he chose their crest as his favourite.

But many of the students didn't seem too offended by his questionable use of words.  One user wrote: 'Russell Brand @rustyrockets telling a bunch of "Harry Potter poofs" to start a revolution. Not bad for a Monday night'.

Another said: "Shut up you Harry Potter poofs' HAHAHHAA'.

He told the students that he would make his political revolution 'sexy' in order to inspire support, and criticised the current government system for 'ripping people off.'



Anonymous said...

Poof (short for poofter) is a bit softer than faggot but still not nice.

Anonymous said...

'Poof(ter)' also suggests an effeminate man, more than 'faggot' seems to, and of course it's usually only the effeminate homosexuals who are (or have been) noticeable to the rest of society.