Monday, January 27, 2014

Restaurant under fire for complaining about public holiday rates

Most of the attacks would have come from Left-leaning unionists who are so fixated on more pay that they fail to realize that mandates for high pay often lead to no pay  -- as we see here, where many restaurants and cafes simply close during the high-pay period.  The holiday pay rates in Adelaide do seem egregiously high.  Some loading would probably be not too disruptive but a multiple of 2.75 is simply destructive to both workers and would-be customers.  A 50% loading is more common Australia-wide

A SMALL cafe in Adelaide has come under fire on Facebook after making public its dislike at having to pay workers 2.75 times the ordinary hourly rate of pay on public holidays.

The Bombay Bicycle Club in Ovingham set up a sign at the front of its restaurant outlining just how much it would cost them to open on a public holiday. They multiplied everything on the menu 2.75 times in an attempt to highlight the "stupidity" of the new rate.

The bread would be $19.25 under the cafe's calculations, while lamb korma was $65, salt and pepper squid $55, chicken schnitzel $48.50 and it would be more than $60 for a seafood pizza.

After receiving negative feedback in person, the cafe took to Facebook to explain the reasons behind the sign - but the instantaneous backlash forced them to pull the picture, and the sign, after just four hours.

"Here's a quick maths formula. Multiply zero (which equals the amount I will now spend at your establishment) by 2.75 and see what it equals," wrote one person on Facebook.

"Interesting to see that wages make up 100 per cent of your costs. While it must suck to have to compensate people fairly for working when everyone else gets a holiday, it must be nice not to have to pay for rent, insurance, or food," wrote another.

"Pay penalty rates you bourgeois swine!" commented someone after giving the establishment a rating of one star out of five.



Anonymous said...

Just stay closed on public holidays. Lobby privately with individual legislators rather than polarize your customer base as some are obviously hypocritical communists.

Dean said...

Here's another quick math formula. Multiply zero, which is what our staff will earn while we are closed for the holiday, by 2.75 and see what it equals.

Anonymous said...

If people really needed the work then there would be no need for penalty rates. You would be grateful just to be paid.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of that part of Atlas Shrugged where businesses were prohibited from firing employees or closing their doors. So the owners just snuck away in the middle of the night. Are we headed that direction?