Thursday, January 23, 2014

'Property of an Aussie Boy' singlet pulled from women's fashion  stores

FASHION label Ice Design have pulled a singlet they designed for Australia Day due to public backlash.

The singlet, which reads 'Property of an Aussie Boy' with a picture of the Australian flag, was a special edition created for January 26, but left many claiming it was sexist and offensive.

One of the most vocal opposers of the singlet were Destroy The Joint, a group who provide "a call to arms for Australians seeking gender equality and civil discourse."

Their tweets - which claimed that "women are not property" with the hashtag #notbuyingit - caught the attention of Trade Secret, one of the stockists of the singlet.

Trade Secret pulled it from their stores immediately:  Soon after, Ice Design followed suit: spoke to Ice Design's CEO Gary Leonard, who said that while he is unsure how many, "there were enough complaints" to warrant pulling the singlet from their ICE stores, stockists and online.

"We realise it did cause offence with some people and we do unequivocally apologise," he said. "It wasn't meant to offend anyone. It wasn't premeditated. Only when it hit the market place did we get a reaction.


Absurdity and fahion go together so it is no surprise if the absurdity offends some people sometimes


Stan B said...

There was a time when loss of money and loss of business was the only punishment required to keep manufacturers from putting inappropriate slogans on t-shirts and other clothing. If nobody bought such a shirt, the market would stop offering it.

The real fear of these control freaks is that some woman, somewhere, would see the shirt, like the message, and actually WEAR it in public! Some women actually DO like the idea of "belonging" to a man - as offensive as that is to feminists.

Anonymous said...

So they girl borrowed some guy's labeled shirt. Big deal.

Anonymous said...

If you find it offensive then don't buy it. If enough people do not buy it then it will be pulled from the shelf. But if some women want this then let them purchase it.

Anonymous said...

There is now a network (yes they report things to other groups as well) of perpetually offended who have nothing better to do than search the net for something no matter how minor to complain about. They then mount what is essentially a holy crusade to get self-gratification for making the world a better [place according to their world view. The pity is they do not see how self-delusional they are.


Anonymous said...

what a bunch of whiney liberal feminist fascists. How about we let the market decide? If nobody buys it then we know nobody wants it if women want it then who are you to tell then not to?

Anonymous said...

"Gender Equality"?? What does that mean? Equal means "the same as". Sorry but men and women are not "the same". We are different. One is not better than the other, just different. These feminists don't want to be women. They are not happy with who they are and if another woman wears a shirt that doesn't fit feminist dogma they go berserk.

stinky said...

Shirts like this will increasingly move to being sold via the web. If my bits offend thee, too bad.