Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Is it really that bad to say someone is sexy?

By Melissa Hoyer

DON'T know about you, but why has it become such a no-no to simply say how good or even sexy someone happens to look?

I'm talking you and me here, not models and celebs and actors whose job often requires having some kind of pleasing aesthetic.

There just seem to be so many faux feminists out there attempting to garner collective outrage, as soon as anyone dares to comment on how 'nice' or dare I say 'sexy' someone looks.

I reckon some of these FFs are purely expressing an opinion in order to garner the troops in a show of united indignation. Oh, and to draw attention to themselves perhaps?

My god, you better not wolf-whistle or smile at anyone, or you may be caught out by the Personality Police.

And before The Collective start clutching their pearls and bashing on their Twitter handles, a lighthearted comment about how good, hell, even sexy someone may happen to look is NOT always a case of sexually objectifying a woman or a men.

Can't it just be taken for what it usually is? A pure acknowledgment that "hey, you look great today". End of story.

Why can't we just say "hey, what a sexy dress" or "your hair is looking hot" (or whatever GEN X, Y or Z lingo you choose to speak) without thinking it is some kind of sexist affront?

It's just a bloody nice compliment for god's sake.



Luke Warm said...

Women like to be attractive. I wonder what they are trying to attract.

Anonymous said...

People like to be attractive (not just women) and what they are trying to attract are compliments which help them to feel better about themselves.

Leftists love only power and misery so its no surprise they would be moving to stop anything that helps people feel better.

Anonymous said...

Some pretty flowers can attract with perfume and nectar and some can then wound with barbs and poison - because some want to be pollinated and some want to repel undesirable creatures.

stinky said...


"Your shrewish wit, muffin top and harpy's cry make me appreciate your non-gender specific modality."


"You look good. Been working out?"

Anonymous said...

Say something nice and you will be accused of hitting on the woman. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.