Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Fury over British rape poster that portrays victims as 'reckless drunks' who 'put themselves at risk'

A bit too close to the truth?

An advert aimed at deterring binge drinking provoked anger among rape campaigners last night, who said it implied sex attack victims were to blame for their ordeal.

The seasonal advertisements feature a scantily-clad young woman who appears to have suffered a traumatic ordeal following too much alcohol.

The message attempts to dissuade female revellers from putting themselves at risk during the festive season.

While it doesn’t mention rape, Karen Ingala Smith, of the anti-violence charity Nia, said the message was clear and the campaign was a mistake.

‘The only ones being helped by the anti-rape campaign poster are rapists and the only ones who can stop rape are rapists,’ she insisted.

Calderdale Council in West Yorkshire says it hopes its campaign will reduce crime and shock revellers into thinking twice about how much they drink.


So a picture of a drunken woman immediately makes feminists think of rape?  So who exactly is doing the stereotyping here?


Anonymous said...

If someone does something that they know could put them at risk, they are partially to blame for the outcome. i.e. do not go into seedy parts of town at night. If you are warned and still go and get mugged, it is partially your fault.

Anonymous said...

Rape? Really? I immediately thought drunk driving accident when I saw it.

Anonymous said...

Criminals shouldn't be given any help, whether it's leaving your doors and windows open when you go out, or behaving in a way that suggests you're easily raped. The sad truth is that victims do indeed often share some of the responsibility for their fate (ask any insurance company).

Anonymous said...

For far too many women, going out for a night on the town, getting drunk or high, then ending up in bed with "somebody", is their idea of a great time. If it turns out to be not as enjoyable as they had wished, it (easily) turns into "rape". Women know that all that is needed is an "allegation" and the guy is off to prison.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I am misunderstanding.. she mentioned that the only ones who cold stop rape were rapists? Are women that vulnerable and incapable of defending themselves?

Stan B said...

So women need men to protect them? That's the message of the "anti-rape" campaigners, who properly say "the only ones who can stop rape are rapists."

I'm sorry, but that sounds quite a bit like "the only ones who can stop robberies are the robbers," or "the only ones who can stop corporate pollution are the corporate polluters."

We don't accept the latter 2 arguments regarding illegal and unacceptable behavior, why would we accept the first one?

TheOldMan said...

Perhaps the feminazis are upset that even booze cannot get them laid?