Sunday, January 19, 2014

Haribo stops selling 'racist' sweets

German sweet maker Haribo has stopped selling some of its liquorice sweets in Sweden and Denmark because certain consumers considered them racist.

The sweets, part of the Skipper Mix salty blend that has been on the market for years, will no longer feature the controversial figures in both Scandinavian countries.

Haribo said it had taken into account the critical comments made on the internet in recent weeks.

"We decided that we could keep the product while removing the parts that certain consumers found offensive," Haribo Sweden head Ola Dagliden told AFP.

The offending sweets are in the shape of ethnic masks or facial representations that resemble primitive African, Asian or Native American art.

They depicted what "a sailor who travelled the world" in days would have brought home in days gone by, Mr Dagliden said.

"It wasn't something we saw as having negative connotations."

A picture of the sweets was removed from Haribo's Swedish website on Friday, AFP discovered.



Anonymous said...

How pathetic can the PC world get. Why not ban liquorice in all forms because it is black or sell only white chocolate? It is time that western society got a grip on itself. Especially Europe.

Anonymous said...

Well who is describing the indigenous art of Africa, Asia and the Americas as "primitive", isn't that a bit racist or disparaging - ?

Anonymous said...

well I consider qurans racists, can I get them to stop selling those?

Didn't think so!

Nothing but whining from the thin skinned, perpetually offended liberal cry babies!

This is the difference between liberals and conservatives; if conservative doesn't like a product he doesn't buy it, if a liberal doesn't like it they want it banned!