Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Twitter trolls who made rape and death threats to Jane Austen banknote campaigner plead GUILTY to sending 'menacing' messages

A man and a woman have pleaded guilty to sending 'menacing' tweets to a feminist campaigner after she persuaded the Bank of England to put Jane Austen on a new bank note.

Caroline Criado-Perez, a 29-year-old student, was told to 'f*** off and die you worthless piece of c***' and 'go kill yourself' and 'rape is the last of your worries' by 23-year-old Isabella Sorley in a series of tweets, Westminster Magistrates' Court was told.

She also sent the message to Ms Criado-Perez: 'I've only just got out of prison and would happily do more time to see you berried!!(sic) #tenfeetunder not scared at what you will do!'

In a separate set of messages sent to Ms Criado-Perez, John Nimmo, 25, told her 'shut up b****' and 'Ya not that gd looking to rape u be fine' followed by 'I will find you (smiley face)' and then the message 'rape her nice a**', the court was told.

Nimmo also targeted Stella Creasy, the Labour MP for Walthamstow, with the message 'The things I cud do to u (smiley face)', calling her 'Dumb blond b****'.

Alison Morgan, prosecuting, said Ms Criado-Perez had received abusive messages 'of one type or another' from some 86 Twitter accounts including those accounts attributed to both Nimmo and Sorley.

'Caroline Criado-Perez has suffered life-changing psychological effects from the abuse which she received on Twitter,' she told the court.

'In particular, the menacing nature of the tweets sent by both defendants caused her significant fear that they would find her and carry out their threats,' she said.

She added that Ms Creasy had also suffered a 'substantial impact' as a result of 'these events'.


I would drive a steamroller over this trash.  What they said  may only be talk but this is a case where it did clear harm.  Threats of violence are just not on.


Anonymous said...

You gotta read the source article on this one. Isabella Sorley and and John Nimmo are big time losers.

"Sorley later told police she was ‘bored’ and ‘off her face’ with drink at the time.

Defence counsel Sean Caulfield said Sorley had an alcohol problem and has 21 convictions for being drunk and disorderly.

She received a community order in December after assaulting a police officer and is currently on bail for four other offences."

Dean said...

Wouldn't it be interesting to look inside their minds and see what motivates those two? On the other hand looking inside a sick mind isn't something most would like to do.

My guess is feminism had nothing to do with their actions. They just went looking for a victim to bully. What sad lives they must have.

Anonymous said...

Threatening violence is not a free speech issue.