Thursday, January 23, 2014

Photos of white editor Dasha Zhukova sitting on 'black woman chair' sparks outrage

A [Russian] magazine has caused outrage after publishing a photo of a white editor perched on a ‘black woman’ chair as the US remembered civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

New magazine Buro 247 has been accused of racism after it published a photo of Garage magazine editor-in-chief and Russian socialite Dasha Zhukova sitting on the chair, made of an almost-naked black female mannequin.

In the controversial photos, Zhukova, the partner of Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich, is dressed in a crisp white shirt and jeans.

She is sitting in a dominant pose on top of the black model, who wears only gloves, stockings and a garter belt, with her breasts pushed up against her legs.

The image of the fully-dressed, in-charge white editor perched on a near-naked black woman, has sparked outrage and a slew of critical comments after it was posted online.

The image was even more shocking given that it was published on Martin Luther King Jr Day, a US public holiday in honour of the American civil rights leader.

Buro 247 is run by editor and style guru Miroslava Duma. The magazine has since cropped the chair out of the photograph.

Critics say the image highlights casual racism in the fashion industry.


It was not an actual black woman  -- just a chair made in the shape of one.  It is pretty sick.  But respect for minorities is not big in Russia.


Luke Warm said...

"But respect for minorities is not big in Russia."

Same here, Jonny boy.

Use the Name, Luke said...

What's most disturbing is that concerted effort was put into designing, producing, and selling that really creepy chair, let alone that someone would actually buy it. That's worse than the leg lamp from "A Christmas Story".

Brian from Rochester NY said...

Not quite sure how to take that comment, Luke Warm.

If you're from America, then speak for yourself. There is respect for all people that deserve it in this country. Way before Mr. BHO took office, there were minorities in all levels of government, corporations, board rooms, class rooms and work places across the nation.

There may be racist individuals, but no matter what the race-peddlers (Sharpton/Jackson/Oprah/Obama) would have you believe, we are not a racist nation.

If you are from another country, I leave it to your fellow countrymen to agree or disagree with your statement.

Luke Warm said...

"If you're from America, then speak for yourself. "

I thought I was. It seems that you live too close to Canada. Those Canadians are messing with your head.

"There is respect for all people that deserve it in this country."

Of course "deserve" is the operative word. Who is the arbiter to say one is deserving or not? You? Other right wing religious extremists?

Brian from Rochester NY said...

Luke Warm,

Oh, now I'm a member of the "...right wing religious extremists".

Try thinking outside of your little box. Ever hear of the little phrase: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"? That is how you earn respect.

I said nothing about a cabal that stands in judgement over others. Every one of us makes the call of who deserves our respect, based mostly on how an individual behaves, both in public and private.

It's ironic that you accuse me and others of being arbiters of who does or does not deserve respect while ignoring the fact that those I mentioned in my post above do everything they can to convince the world that one group of people deserve no respect at all.

One last point: Since you say you were speaking for yourself, did you mean that you have no respect for minorities? If that is not what you meant, then you were generalizing about Americans, and that is what I was disclaiming.

Anonymous said...

"There is respect for all people that deserve it in this country."

It follows then that if YOU feel that a person does not deserve respect, you would not give it, correct? And how do YOU determine who deserving?