Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Naked Buddhas too cheeky for China

Two massive sculptures of the Buddhist sage clambering over a hot pot restaurant in the Jinan city shopping district were taken down by local authorities who deemed them a public offense.

One of the voluptuous statues was snapped climbing the wall, with its bottom facing the street, while another was shown waiting on top of the wall, its hands clasped like in a prayer.

It's not known who designed the sculptures, or why.

South China Morning Post reports a Sina Weibo user posted a photo of the Buddhas on Sunday, which went viral on social media. They were taken down the next day.

The revealing statues left some Zen Buddhist practitioners deeply offended.

"I burst into tears when I saw naked Buddhas climbing over the wall! How come a nation with a thousand-year history has so little respect for its own culture?" a practitioner named Miaoming from the Beihai Zen Monastery in Qinghai province wrote on his microblog.



Anonymous said...

I burst into tears when I saw naked Buddhas climbing over the wall!

Wow dude, you might want to grow thicker skins like american christians had to. We are used to our prophets being disparaged like this constantly!

If his is the worst you have to endure in china, be grateful!

stinky said...

And all the Buddhists raged into the street, bombing and burning and killing ... not.

Anonymous said...

Where does it say they actually represented Buddha (who was not supposed to be fat as it happens).