Sunday, January 05, 2014

Hate speech against black Republican

Libs hate the idea of black women Republicans so much that one of the best-known black Democrats in Congress is threatening to go to war with a black Democrat president over the prospect of a black woman being named a federal judge because she’s a Republican.

U.S. Rep. John L. Lewis, the Georgia Democrat whose aides falsely claimed was spit on by conservatives opposing Obamacare back in 2010, is accusing the president of selling out his political base by naming Eleanor Ross as a federal judge. She is, literally, not politically correct enough.

What’s interesting about the column is that Wickham describes opposition to five other nominees Obama put forward based on their record – one voted as a state representative to keep the Confederate battle flag on the Georgia state flag, another is an attorney who defended Georgia’s common-sense voter ID law.

The opposition to Ross’s nomination, though, appears to be based entirely on her race, her sex and her politics – in that order.

The first black president names the first black woman to the federal bench in Georgia and “civil rights leaders” who’ve made skin color a primary way of judging people for decades are furious because she’s not their kind.


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Anonymous said...

People like rep. Lewis, and other radical racists, are doing a very good job at making the word (racism) totally irrelevant. It has been used and abused for so long, that now it no longer has any real meaning, except to the professional race pimps who see "racism" as a very profitable industry.