Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I can't resist a bit of a snark at the above ad presently running on "The Atlantic". Apparently women are yellow, have green eyes, no chin and large pink lips while men are orange-colored and have lots of big spots.  Strange.


Anonymous said...

If their aim is to show the differences between the sexes, then why not just show xxx movies?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the LGTB community isn't up in arms about this. After all, aren't the transgendered people too?!?

Seriously, though, why not just show XY and XX chromosomes? After all, (other than some extremely rare exceptions) THAT is what differentiates male from female.

Anonymous said...

Uterine hormones etc. can also make people appear to be the opposite sex to their XY/XX chromosomes, and sometimes they don't know it until eg. testing in sports events.