Monday, February 18, 2013

Must not portray poor people?

Sports Illustrated sparked a racial controversy this week over its latest swimsuit edition featuring bikini-clad models posing with African and Chinese natives dressed in traditional garb.

The overall theme of this year's issue, which is currently on sale, was the seven continents, with the models doing photo-shoots in countries like Spain, Chile and Australia.

However, the magazine landed in hot water over its decision to have the scantily-clad women photographed next to some local inhabitants in the places they visited as if they were ‘exotic props,’ according to some critics.

One of the images that has sparked the most outrage shows model Anne V, who is Caucasian and blonde, sitting on a traditional raft on a river in Guilin, Guangxi, being piloted by an elderly Chinese man sporting a typical cone hat. 

The second image that has been deemed offensive depicts Emily DiDonato frolicking in a two-piece swimsuit in Namibia with a man wearing a loincloth and other tribal-looking accessories, and carrying a spear.

Writer Dodai Stewart scolded the magazine in the prominent feminist blog Jezebel, accusing Sports Illustrated of perpetuating age-old stereotypes harking back to colonial times and using natives as fashion accessories while emphasizing the ‘centrality’ of the white models.



Anonymous said...

Just another case of people looking for something to be offended by. They talk of "minorities". Being Chinese is not a minority. There are well over a billion of them. If you don't like it, don't look at the bikini pics.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't take much to rile-up the radical, left-wing lesbian activists, does it. They never miss a chance at some attention.

"Political correctness is a far greater threat to our freedom and liberty than is terrorism..."

stinky said...

SI should have a little fun and follow with a mockup shoot of the models journeying thru the Land Of The Radical Feminists. Or maybe just someone good w/Photoshop could give it a whirl. Might make for some great shots.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this sort of like doing the shoot in Philly and getting people buying pretzels from street vendors in the picture?

Anonymous said...

It makes the loudmouth complainers feel important. People starving or being oppressed corrrupt leaders aren't as important as bikini clad.models in.a magazine!

Anonymous said...

Would the complainers have purchased the product otherwise? I somehow don't think so. Usually none of these over sensative pinkos buy the products that do the "offensive" advertising anyway. It's as dumb as when they tried to tell Weird Al that his song might offend the Amish.

Bird of Paradise said...

Is pulling out your pockets and calling them OBAMA POCKETS now RACSIST?

stinky said...

The old chinese guy in the pic w/the languorous supermodel sure is smiling a lot for such a poor, oppressed fellow. He's probably thinking of how much happier he'd be at a radical feminist lecture.