Monday, February 11, 2013

Conservatives Want Rove Aide Fired After He Smears Bozell as 'Hater'

It's pretty clear from his words that Mr. Collegio hates Bozell, who is a real conservative, not just a career  "strategist"

It's notable that most of those who accuse others of hate can give no substantial examples of the alleged hate.  Finding examples of hate from the accusers themselves is easy peasy, though.  It's all projection on their part.

If I accuse anybody of hate speech, I do so by reproducing their own words.  It is empty-headed abuse otherwise

Within a few hours of American Crossroads spokesman Jonathan Collegio smearing conservative Brent Bozell as a “hater” with a “sordid history” and “weird personal axes to grind,” at least 36 prominent conservative leaders had signed a letter demanding that Collegio be fired, stressing that an apology was not acceptable.

Collegio made his remarks on radio station WMAL in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, during an interview in which he defended American Crossroads, a political action committee, and its founder Karl Rove. They have been criticized lately by Bozell and other conservatives for their apparent plan to try to marginalize Tea Party candidates and financially back “establishment” Republican candidates through their newly launched spinoff PAC, the Conservative Victory Project.

In addressing the criticism, Collegio said, “Bozell is a hater and he also, like, has a long, sordid history, like, hating Karl Rove too. So he has, like, weird personal axes to grind.”

In response to Collegio’s smear, a letter signed by three dozen prominent conservatives was sent to American Crossroads President Steven Law, demanding that Collegio be fired.

“Mr. Collegio calling Mr. Bozell a ‘hater’ publicly on WMAL radio this morning reflects the language of the establishment Republicans,” reads the letter.  “It is the divisive language of the Left. Rather than engaging in an intellectual debate, you, Mr. Collegio, Mr. Rove, and others in the consultant class attack good conservatives and Tea Party leaders and members.”

“On behalf of the conservative movement, we are demanding you terminate Mr. Collegio,” reads the letter.  “An apology is not acceptable.”

The letter to Steven Law also states, “We, the free men and women of this great nation, affirm everyone’s natural right to speak their mind, but we cannot and will not abide the unjust, personal broadside your aide Jonathan Collegio leveled against a man whose family has dedicated itself to advancing the cause of liberty for over half a century.”

Bozell, who has been active in the conservative movement since the 1970s and runs the Media Research Center, NewsBusters, and is chairman of the grassroots group ForAmerica, is the nephew of the late William F. Buckley Jr., who founded National Review, and former U.S. Senator Jim Buckley.



Anonymous said...

Personal attacks, while allowed free speach, says more about the speaker than the target. As a freshman in highshool I learned that an ad hominem attack was the lowest form of persuasive speach since it shows that the speaker has no valid points to make and has to resort to personal attacks.

A. Levy said...

Karl Rove was responsible for conning the American people into believing GWB was a conservative. He was not. He is, IMO, also responsible for the demise of the weak, inept, and impotent republican party.