Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Australia: Merchants of hate rally for another protest

Projection again:  In the heading above and in the text beneath behold a sustained outpouring of hate from Leftist journalist Paul Syvret, drawing heavily on his imagination.   Compare the respectful treatment given by the mainstream media to the Leftist "Occupy" movement. 

From the placards you can see that the people Syvret hates are in fact  principally  anti-tax, similar to the U.S. Tea Partiers.    The "Juliar" placard refers to the fact that Prime Minister Julia Gillard promised before the last election that she would not introduce a carbon tax.  But she did anyway

MEMO to all readers who are not angry, self-righteous, middle-aged white people with deep wells of bile and resentment:

It is probably advisable that you avoid the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra a few weeks from now.

For on March 12, the malcontents and fringe-dwellers who brought us one of the great fizzers from 2011's political calendar, the Convoy of No Confidence (or No Consequence as Anthony Albanese dubbed it), are trying to get up an encore performance of sorts.

Rather than the stage-managed cavalcade of crackpots of 18 months ago, this looks like being more of a trickle towards the national capital - a Convoy of Incontinence, if you like.

This time around it is the "Rotten to the Core Rally", brought to you by the same bunch of climate-change deniers and ratbags who were bellowing about the carbon tax and waving "Ditch the Witch" and "Bob Brown's Bitch" placards.

The carbon pricing battle (what carbon tax?) having been lost, the focus has shifted to union corruption and, of course, the AWU.

This is all proof positive - although nothing has been proven unless you channel your news from the likes of Larry Pickering or former shock jock Michael Smith - that our Government is corrupt and democracy in Australia is dead.

Keynote speakers are to include Bob Kernohan, a former AWU Victorian vice-president.

At the time of the alleged fraud in the early '90s he was at war with the left faction of the union as part of a protracted internal power struggle and has made various allegations about Prime Minister Julia Gillard that have not been substantiated in the course of nearly 20 years. No axes to grind there.

Also on the soapbox list is David Flint, one time head of the Australian Broadcasting Authority, good mate of 2UE's Alan Jones and chair of Australians for a Constitutional Monarchy.

In between keeping Australians who don't believe in an Australian head of state informed with febrile updates on what Old Liz's corgis are up to, his Flintiness also heads CANdo - a far right group created by Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi that wants to become an "Australian Tea Party" and believes gay marriage could lead to Muslim polygamy.

He and the organisers of the Rotten rally, the grandly named Consumers and Taxpayers Association - with a whopping 461 Facebook "likes" (including one from yours truly, so I get the updates) - are clearly a meeting of minds.

Both seem to think the furore over Jones'  "died of shame" comment regarding the Prime Minister's father were an over-reaction. CATA spokesman Jacques Laxale maintained last year that poor, hard-done-by Alan was a victim of cyber-bullying.

One of the principal organisers this time around appears to be one Anita Donlon, who writes: "This is our day to ALL gather in mass to show how we feel ... to turn the media around from being blinded by the truth ... we need the media around the globe to say 'CRIKEY!!!' there's an uprising in Australia against the government!!"

Yadda, yadda, yadda ... "Love peace and mungbeans. See you in Canberra!"

I've been in the media a long time and I can honestly say I have never been accused of being "blinded by the truth", mungbeans or no mungbeans, but never mind.

Donlon's a bit of a favourite of 2GB afternoon shock jock Chris Smith, who will broadcast his show live from the Rotten rally next month in an effort to whip up even more divisiveness and hate than he can normally manage from his Sydney studio.

The corrupt Prime Minister baloney aside, judging by the various web pages it is the usual shopping list of talk-back radio gripes that this Petri dish of intellects will be taking to Canberra for next month's world record whinge attempt.

"Illegal" immigrants, foreign workers, foreign aid, foreign investment, foreign imports and Muslims just about covers the White Australia element.

Poofters, dole bludgers, single mums, druggies, deliberately barren career women and lazy blackfellas ticks another box.

Then there's taxes, big government, government spending, government waste, government interference, government ...

And that's before we get to the real evils of corrupt union thugs and red raggin' commo greenie terrorists. And the United Nations.

What we obviously need - as the likes of the CATA people feel the need to constantly remind me via email - is an ELECTION NOW, because one that doesn't install their preferred version of government is obviously undemocratic and illegitimate and we need to keep voting until we get it right.



Anonymous said...

In case you had any remaining doubts that liberals are reality denying mentally defective f olks..

Anonymous said...

Someday, sensible, rational, and logical people, assuming you can still find any, are going to realize that this so-called "democracy thing" doesn't work. In fact, more often than not, democracy is nothing more than a label used by officials who's true goal is, total control of the population. So what they call democracy is not democracy at all, not if you equate democracy with freedom and liberty.

What the world needs is a dictator, but one that is sane, rational, and fair. A man who will understand that too much uncontrolled freedom can be worse than none at all. Look around. There's no shortage of evidence to prove that point.

Anonymous said...

Trouble is (as someone wisely pointed out) "power corrupts, and absolute power currupts absolutely". Even Hitler started out as an apparent savior of the German nation, restoring the economy and national pride and confidence, etc. Ditto Napoleon and so many other dictators, whose hubris eventually ruined their countries as well as themselves.

Anon 3:36 said...

Quite right Anon 4:50, which is why i stressed "sane, rational, and fair". Apparently, you are referring to the present US administration?

Anonymous said...

And old saying: pay peanuts, get monkeys. Unfortunately our monkeys are getting more than their fair share of peanuts.
There is little doubt that the liberal leaning Labour party is as corrupt as you can get short of the dictatorships of the 20th century in the Phillipines, South America, North Korea, communist eastern europe and asia, Africa and the theocracies of Islam. Australians are/have been brainwashed into socialism by the leftist governments/media (especially public broadcasters)/education system/unions/activists and other fringe dwellers. Our freedom of speech rights are beind eroded by the most vile tactics of the left. God help this country, becuase the government won't.