Monday, February 18, 2013

It's hate speech to condemn hate speech on campus?

A realistic portrayal of Muslims in campus life is not permitted, apparently

Students at the University of California, Santa Cruz are circulating a petition calling on the office of the university president to condemn shocking, inciteful hate speech and virulently racist assumptions by a UCSC lecturer against students involved in Palestine solidarity activism on campus.

The lecturer, Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, is a well-known anti-Palestinian racist and inciter of accusations against students and professors who criticize Israeli policies. A video of a speech she gave at a synagogue on 20 June 2012 has surfaced, in which Rossman-Benjamin claims that students “have become poisoned by the rhetoric they hear on campus,” ostensibly referring to Palestine-related activism and criticism of Israel’s policies against Palestinians.

“And who are the primary sources of this?” she asks in the video. “Primarily the MSA [Muslim Student Association] and the SJP [Students for Justice in Palestine] students … they are generally motivated by very strong religious and political convictions, they have a fire in their belly, they come to the university, many of them are foreign students who come from countries and cultures where anti-Semitism is how they think about the world … These are not your ordinary student groups like College Republicans or Young Democrats. These are students who come with a serious agenda, who have ties to terrorist organizations.”



Anonymous said...

"Hate speech". That's code for, any opinion that leftists disagree with. And that's quite ironic, since the overwhelming majority of true hatred comes from the Left.

Anonymous said...

As usual from the left, truth is hate speech.

Anonymous said...

Let's follow.liberal logic. Speech which is hurtful is hate speech. The truth hurts. Therefore, the truth is hate speech..