Sunday, February 03, 2013

Must not diss veggies

Wootan says advertisements probably play a big part in America’s sports-fueled junk food obsession. This year, Taco Bell, promoter of the Taco 12-pack, even panned veggies in a Super Bowl ad, sneering that bringing “veggies on game day is like punting on fourth and one—it’s a cop out—and secretly, people kind of hate you for it.”

The fast food chain later pulled the ad and apologized after the CSPI and hundreds of people on Twitter protested that the last thing healthy fruits and vegetables need is to be the subject of attack ads.

“We love vegetables,” said Rob Poetsch, a spokesman, in a statement issued by Taco Bell. “In fact, each year we serve our customers more than 45 million pounds of tomatoes, 122 millions of pounds of lettuce, seven million pounds of onions and 412 thousand pounds of cilantro. When we realized the ad was misconstrued, we sided with the vegetables and pulled it.”


Eskimos living on a traditional diet eat practically no veggies.  Why?  Veggies don't grow well at the North Pole.  Yet at any given age Eskimos have less heart disease (etc.) than do most others.  So the importance of veggies is basically an Old wives' Elderly Person's tale.

Incidentally, the people who are called Inuit in Canada are called  Eskimos in Alaska


Anonymous said...

Humans were designed to be carnivors either by God or by evolution. Learn to live with it. Men hate rabbit food no matter how you try to disguise it.

Anonymous said...

It's the type of meat which makes Eskimos/Inuits less prone to health problems. For instance, beef (cow meat) is less healthy than buffalo (bison) meat or kangaroo meat.

Anonymous said...

When I watch the big game the last thing I want to munch on is vegies. I want high fat, high colorie, high sugar, high salt, tastes good snacks. Why is pointing that out such a sin!

Anonymous said...

Because 3:26, gluttony and indolence are indeed sins, and ones that lead to an early grave (as in the wages of ...)!