Thursday, February 28, 2013

Donuts are NOT fresh food (?)

Why can't a donut be fresh?  "Fresh" seems to have a deeper meaning to some

A SUPERMARKET chain's billboard promoting "fresh food" with a photo of a doughnut has sparked a social media backlash.

But after a huge social media campaign, including more than 5300 likes of the original complaint on Facebook by Jason Maloo, and more than 4500 people sharing it across the site, Woolworths confirmed the billboard would be removed today.

"I'm appalled to think a large international company like Woolworths would promote donuts as 'fresh food'," Maloo wrote on Oliver's Facebook wall.

In response to the Facebook campaign, Woolworths announced just after 2.40pm Monday that the billboard would be removed.

"The billboard in Ipswich is being taken down today we value the feedback of our Ipswich customers and have always appreciated their support," a spokeswoman said.

"While our intention was to show one of the products that we bake fresh everyday in our in store bakeries, we appreciate that this may have been confusing for some people.



Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how these so-called "social media" sites, a new home for the weak-minded and the gullible, are quickly becoming the new Gestapo?

That the billboard is stating a simple fact, that their donuts are backed fresh everyday, is apparently not acceptable to the PC-Nazis. That a fact is now "offensive" simply because someone disagrees with it is a clear indication of just how close we're getting to going down the drain.

Kitty Lover said...

Even turds are fresh after they are squeezed out of one's bowels.

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of ignorant people not to understand the word "fresh." Is all of Australia so language challenged?

Anonymous said...

I'd wondered why our host hadn't mentioned this was in Australia rather the Ipswich in England, but no doubt if it had been in Britain it would, as usual, have been right up there in the title, and no doubt to ellicit the usual anti-British responses, as he seems to be an Australian with an Irish background that revels in historic victimhood much like blacks and other minorities in the US, although the blacks or Irish today suffer no ethnic or national discrimination in the US, UK or Down Under!

Anonymous said...

God liefties/greenies, take that stick out of your a## you'll feel better!

Anonymous said...

Blacks or Irish? Do you mean there's a difference?

Anonymous said...

I eat fresh donuts every once in a while. they're good.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Obama identify as an Irish African American? What that has to do with the topic in hand is beyond me. Somebody obviously has a burr up their ass about Jon's parentage with would lead one to conclude that they are confused about their own and whether their parents were actually in wedlock.

Getting back to the case in point, obviously a bunch of morons have been whipped up into a frenzy that doughnuts could be fresh. The calorie Gestapo strikes again. If you can't handle the calories stay away from the aisle and stop persecuting others.

Anonymous said...

And what one can conclude about someone obviously with a burr up their ass about the "calorie Gestapo" is that they are confused about their own weight-issues, whether or not their parents were ever actually married!