Sunday, February 17, 2013

Must not wear boots and black clothes?

And watch that haircut!  The guards below don't seem to be accused of anything illegal

Internet shopping giant Amazon is tackling a spiralling security scandal in Germany after it is claimed the company employed security with neo-Nazi links to intimidate its foreign workers.

German documentary makers have filmed black-clad guards with military haircuts from the ominous-sounding HESS security, employed to keep Amazon’s over 5,000 foreign employees in check.

The film, broadcast on Germany’s ARD television channel, investigate the treatment of workers brought in as temporary staff at the company’s centres in Bad Hersfeld, Konstanz and Augsburg and unveiled a culture of threats and bullying.

The staff come from across Europe for temporary work at packing and distribution centres and stay in budget hotels and youth hostels where the HESS Security guards patrol.

The boot-wearing guards dress in uniforms from designer brand Thor Steinar, a label which carries strong neo-Nazi connotations, The Independent reports.


Nazis in fact mostly wore brown. It was only the SS who wore black  -- and they  were mostly front-line combat troops during WWII.


Anonymous said...

If you stretch your imagination as you read this report you will undoubtably hear the sound of jackboots in cadence across the asphalt .... or so the reporter would have you believe. Every security firm around the world presents a miltary style presence in situations where they are expected to provide overt security to intimidate or disaude wrongdoing. The newspaper publishing the article doesn't exactly have a good history with the tuth and accuracy. Wasn't Piers Morgan associated with this mob? Say no more.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of black or brown uniforms or boots, the employment methods of Amazon around the world seems to be a new version of the "sweat shop" exploitation of areas of otherwise high unemployment where the local populace and their local governments are only too glad for the lesser evil offered by international corps like Amazon (ie. "let them eat cake"!).

LCB said...

Wrong about the SS. Yes, they did have several front line combat divisions. But they were also in charge of enforcing Hitler and Himmler's "security" policies after the Brown shirts were crushed in...I think '39...AND they were in charge of all of the concentration camps.