Sunday, February 24, 2013

Must pretend that guns don't exist

Earlier this week in Denton, Texas, the First Amendment seems to have been compromised by a few high school essays that mentioned the Second one.

High School seniors at Denton High School were given a simple assignment in their English class: Write a paragraph about something you did over the weekend. There was no additional direction on topics for the essay.

However, a few students who wrote about guns, including attending a gun show or going to shop for a gun, were told that they would be given a zero on the assignment if they did not change what they were writing about.

The teacher, Mr. Dewey Christian, reportedly told the students that the topic was unacceptable.

Classmates reportedly laughed at the students after their papers were rejected based solely on their subject matter.

Williams and his mother Kimberly visited the school on Monday and confronted Mr. Christian, recording the conversation with a cell phone camera:

After speaking with the teacher, Kimberly Williams and her son were not satisfied and demanded an apology. KDFW-TV that the school district and Dewey Christian sort of apologized.


We read elsewhere:  "The Denton Independent School District said in a statement, "The teacher has accepted the paper and apologized to the student for misperceptions. The teacher's intent was for guns not to be trivialized in any school situation because of recent events."


Anonymous said...

The only culture Americans have ever had is gun-culture - from the Wild West to more recent war movies and other screen-violence, and even more violent video-games. No wonder that readily available guns are soon in the hands of mentally fragile viewers of such ubiquitous virtual violence (which the US exports to the rest of the world).

Bird of Paradise said...

Dewey Christian is another NEA leftists brainwasher and blabbering nincompoop and liberal baffoon

Anonymous said...

The asshole teacher should have been fired.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Yep, the war-mongering image of Americans (whether through the US media or its actual military adventures) gives ample fuel and justification for retaliation by individuals and groups as well as by foreign governments.
The US has reached the climax of its imperial ambitions and will very soon go the way of all previous "empires" (huge economic imbalances being a classic symptom of such). And other potential "empires" are already biting at its heels!

Anonymous said...

"huge economic imbalances"...........No, it's huge imbalances in the level of assimilation into a civilized society. The crime stats bear this out, year after year, but the professional bleeding hearts refuse to see. When everything in your utopia looks like Detroit, you'll still be claiming diversity is the answer. Magical thinking at it's finest.

Anonymous said...

Reality to a leftist is like sunlight to a vampire.

Dean said...

3:13 Interesting opinion. Guns alone define the U.S.

All this time I thought it was universal education (started at a time when universal education wasn't the world-wide standard), freedom to express political views, hard work, the chance for everyone to succeed, family, freedoms guaranteed by our constitution, some of which aren't guaranteed by other countries.

There is far more to this country than what main stream news organizations present and what some are able to see.

4:31 AM:

Anonymous said...

"the chance for everyone to succeed" ... "freedoms guaranteed", well there's often a difference between theory and practice!