Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bare shoulders too sexy for British TV?

Some people need to get a life

Children are being banned from seeing Keira Knightley in the role of sultry temptress in a TV perfume commercial.

The British actress has ridiculed her lack of curves, however it seems her bare shoulders are enough to confuse and upset some youngsters.

As a result, advertising watchdogs have banned showings of the commercial for Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle around children’s programmes and films.

The idea that children’s eyes need to be shielded from the British actress’s performance will surprise viewers. Chanel defended the commercial, insisting it was playful and sensual rather than overtly sexual.

However, the Advertising Standards Authority ASA) disagreed at a time when many parents, including the Prime Minister, are becoming increasingly concerned about the sexualisation of children.

At one stage the actress’s bare shoulders are seen, while she is assumed to be naked beneath some sheets.


The full film is here.  It's mainly just "arty" -- i.e. without any real narrative.  You can read into it what you like.  I doubt that it even does a good job of selling perfume.  I would explain it to a kid as "just silly stuff".


Anonymous said...

Kids dont buy those products and most parents don't supervise their children's viewing that much so why bother to advertise during that time slot. Seems more of a marketing stuff up than a conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

Heck of a publicity stunt to complain about being restricted from "children's shows." Stir up controversy over what is essentially a nanny-government move and drive web traffic to watch your "too hot for TV" commercial. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

They are simply trying to protect their male children from becoming heterosexual. That would upset the effeminate male population.

Anonymous said...

Clever use of implied phallic symbols as she rode past the city columns of one sort or another!

Anonymous said...

ummmm... SERIOUSLY?
the generation of youngsters who don't get weaned off the teat until pre-school? (or later) They might have a problem with even the suggestion that something might exist on the female anatomy below the neckline?
What is wrong with you people?