Friday, February 15, 2013

Australia: Must not mention that the poor have more children

A greeting card on sale at the WA Art Gallery that encourages stereotypes about women in Armadale has caused a stir with those who live in the area.

While the local member for Parliament said the card was an unfair portrayal of Armadale residents, a gallery representative said the card was a satirical artistic expression.

Armadale, south east of Perth, was ranked the third most disadvantaged local government area in Perth in Australian Bureau of Statistics figures from 2006.

A spokeswoman for the WA Art Gallery said the gallery shop allowed the gallery to showcase diverse works from some of the state's most talented artisans and designers.

"The Gallery Shop stocks a wide range of artistic, satirical and humorous cards to appeal to a broad range of audiences, including Tantamount Cards which are created by local comedian Alex Manfrin," she said.

"As with all of the products we stock, these satirical cards do not represent the Art Gallery of WA's views, and are simply part of the melting pot of different cultural and artistic expressions we offer for sale.

Mr Manfrin said the card was one of his best sellers from hundreds that he has produced.  "I first published this one three and a half years ago and I still sell it because people find it funny and buy it," he said.



Anonymous said...

As an Australian I think the card is funny. Unless you know the welfare situation in Australia you can't pass judgement. The more children you have especially as a single mother the more money the government throws at at you much to the displeasure of taxpayers.
Progressive leftism is rife in the welfare handouts in Australia.

Anonymous said...

It's really quite simple.

Generally speaking, a child is conceived only one way: Sexual intercourse. And sexual intercourse is either consensual or it is non-consensual.

If it is consensual, then both persons must accept the possibility that having sex might result in a pregnancy, and act accordingly.

If it is non-consensual, then it should be reported to the authorities immediately.

In either case, abortions for the sake of convenience are a travesty.

Zip your fly, close your legs, and do what it takes to be RESPONSIBLE.

Anonymous said...

Satire hurts because truth hurts. However, tax payers' investment in the next generation (in whatever way they are conceived) is a good and necessary thing.

Anonymous said...

Here in the US, the main reason the so-called "poor" have so many kids is because with each new kid comes an increase in their welfare payments. Spitting out new parasites, fathered by "who knows who" has become a large industry.

Anonymous said...

Idiocracy. The stupid have more children than the intelligent. The human race devolves.. Civilized nations put their best and brightest on the front lines to die. The human race devoles.. They protect the retarded and the genetically crippled allowing them to reproduce, the human race devolves. While eugenics is a fascist and disgusting policy, encouraging the opposite (reproduction of the lame and stupid though governmental programs) is assine and just as genocidal.

Anonymous said...

Trouble is that with eugenics and other forms of social engineering is that it can't anticipate what useful form of talent might be "thrown up" in any genetic recombination of genes in any later generation that might better deal with what yet unknown future environmental condition existing. That was the whole point of sexual reproduction in the first place as opposed to asexual merely cloning the parent model.
Trying to holter "evolution" in one pre-desired direction will lead to the over-specialization that have led to the extinction of so many species in the past (not to mention certain types of human culture)!