Wednesday, December 19, 2012

TX: Hays Consolidated ISD votes to ban confederate flag

At Hays High, history runs deep. Founded in 1968, the district's oldest high school offers a glimpse even further into the past. Until 12 years ago, the rebel mascot came with a confederate flag, before officials banned it for district use.

"You can debate it endlessly as to what the meaning of the confederate flag is," said Superintendent Jeremy Lyon, who says arguments fall short of the present picture. "I do have a great respect for history, but the reality is that it's a racially insensitive symbol."

Which is why Monday night, school board members voted to extend the ban to students. No flags on clothing, cars, anywhere on district property.

"Can I not be proud of my southern heritage," said one parent.

"I am proud to be an American," said another. "I am honored to be a southerner. You can be both without regret."

The flag conversation started in earnest following a student prank last May. An African-American teacher found her door covered in racial slurs. For both sides, the focus wasn't on race, but rights.

"One of the key principles that I think we're getting into with the way this recommendation is worded is freedom of expression," said one student's mother.


No tolerance for Southern history, apparently.  Abraham Lincoln himself said that the war was not about slavery  -- in his famous letter to Horace Greeley


Bird of Paradise said...

Looks like the school grounds have become their own little dictatorships I hope someone sues the school district over this and makes them eat crow over this

Anonymous said...

No, the war was not about slavery, but black activists and professional race pimps have turned that war into something it was not, simply to gain political power and advantage.

Any Southerner who allows himself to be intimidated into being ashamed of his or her herritage should be run out of the South and sent back to NY.

Anonymous said...

Just another example of discrimination against Southerners, and Liberals trying to re-write history. Hiding history does not erase it.

stinky said...

The Civil War was of course about slavery. Lincoln was simply trying to help the South save face and thereby hasten reconstruction.

Give him credit: a pol who deliberately misstates things a bit is nothing new (and Lincoln was indeed a skilled pol), but one who knowingly does it by making himself look worse for the sake of the greater good? Now that was unique.

As for banning the flag, to hell with speech codes, well-intentioned or just posing as such, either way.

Anonymous said...

The people of the South, always noted for being the most patriotic part of this country, should be ashamed of themselves if they allow liberals to stain and alter their history. Tens-of-thousands of brave men died fighting for that flag and what it meant to them. It, and they, are deserving of our eternal respect.

Anonymous said...

This is just like every other PC issue. It is those that take offence who decide what is offensive, the facts be dammed.
So because blacks think the primary reason for the civil war was slavery, that makes it so? Here in the US we are constantly discarding our heritage both religious and cultural. We will soon be left with nothing but PC psycho babble.

Go Away Bird said...

How about banning the UN or Mexican flags Expect the leftists ACLU to get involved

Anonymous said...

The Southerners were/are TRAITORS to the Constitution of the United States of America.

Anonymous said...

Annon 1:40, have you ever known any southerners? I served with many in the army and they are very loyal to the US. A disproportionate number of our armed forces come from the south where military service is often a family tradition.

Anonymous said...

"Annon 1:40, have you ever known any southerners?"

Yes. I lived in the deep south for 13 years. Any other questions?

Kee Bird said...

Annon 1:40 the southerners are more patriotic and loyal to the true america then you avrage little street snots you see in the schools and collages