Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says that Conservatives Have “Divided Our Country"

Mr. Kennedy seems unaware that it takes two to tango.  To him, only liberal views should be allowed

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr told HuffPost Live host Josh Zepps in an interview Friday that he believes conservative media outlets such as Fox News are damaging the country.

    Asked how he thought things have changed in the political landscape, Kennedy pointed to "big money" and "the right wing control of the American media, starting with Fox News" as hurtful to collaboration between differing political interests.

    "Twenty-two percent of Americans say their primary news source is Fox News," Kennedy told HuffPost Live. "It's divided our country in a way that we haven't been divided probably since the Civil War, and its [sic] empowered large corporations to get certain kinds of politicians and ideologues who are in the United State Congress elected -- the Tea Party ideologues who control the Republican Party."

Kennedy’s comments are both hysterical and ahistorical, of course, but they’re also completely misleading. (By the way, does he really believe that the United States was less polarized during the heady days of, say, the 1960s, when racial segregation and the war in Vietnam threatened to tear the nation asunder?)

Nonetheless, he gleefully suggests that Fox News is endangering the country, and yet conveniently leaves out the fact that during the home stretch of the 2012 election cycle, MSNBC -- the flagship and most widely watched left-leaning network -- didn’t do a single negative story about Barack Obama. Yes, that’s correct. Zero negative stories. How on earth is this good for the nation?

Yes, Fox News has a right-leaning tilt, but the day to day national news cycle is clearly overwhelmingly controlled by -- and favorable to -- Democrats. And so for Kennedy to proclaim that “the right wing” controls the American media is -- at best -- a gross distortion



Bird of Paradise said...

Robert Kennedy Jr is totaly STUPID,STUPID,STUPID a spoiled llittle kennedy brat and eco-freak jackass #1

Anonymous said...

"Yes, Fox News has a right-leaning tilt"

A tilt? Fox News is the propaganda arm of the Repuglican Party.

Go Away Bird said...

Annon a blabbering liberal stupidhead who listens to the COMMUNISTS NEWS NETWORK 24/7

Anonymous said...

Fool 3:40 ...........and if what you say was true, it still wouldn't compare to the other networks, newspapers and magazines staffed by Marxist propagandists.

Anonymous said...

To you brainwashed fools above,

ANYTHING to the left of Rush Limbaugh and the TeaBaggers is liberal.

Kee Bird said...

Robert Kennedy Jr is a big time eco-freak his watermellon group(Green on outside,red inside)is trying to force the hog farmers out of buisness they have failed He is just another one of those spoiled little kennedy brats

Flu-Bird said...

And liberals want to totaly control the INTERNET and the UNITED NATIONS is EVIL Wise up annon 10:01 becuase they want thought crinimals sent to concentration camps

Anonymous said...

"they want thought crinimals sent to concentration camps"

No. Only dickwads like you.

Flu-Bird said...

And person like annon 8:50 get promoted by our imperial leaders