Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rally responds to incidents of female jealousy at UCLA

"Honkie" is a word used by blacks for whites so is this an anti-black rally?  Blacks are usually allowed to be as racist as they like.  Check Farrakhan. 

Such mysteries aside, everybody seems to be ignoring the fact that there is a real underlying grievance here.  On campuses where there are lot of Asians it is notable that the big Caucasian men rather often have a little Asian lady on their arms.  This frustrates other women who would themselves like some of the men concerned.  In the Ivy league, I believe that the non-Asian women refer to this problem (most "incorrectly") as the Yellow Peril.

The same thing is very obvious in Australia.  Australia is about 5% Asian so there a lot of clever little Chinese-origin  ladies around.  And there is no doubt that they go all-out for tall  Caucasian men.  Where I live it is totally routine to see tall Caucasian young men with Asian girlfriends.  It is more surprising to see an Asian lady with an Asian boyfriend.

I of course see nothing wrong with any of that but it must be frustrating at times for Caucasian (and black?) women to see so many desirable men already "taken".  Tallness is something women generally like in men.  Short men complain bitterly about their "invisibility"

About a hundred people rallied outside Kerckhoff Hall earlier today, following acts of vandalism involving racial and sexist slurs that were reported to police earlier this week.

On Tuesday, a student found a piece of paper with the words “asian women R Honkie white-boy worshipping Whores” attached to a Vietnamese Student Union sign in Kerckhoff Hall. Wednesday, a similar phrase was found handwritten on the door of a bathroom stall in Powell Library. University police are currently investigating both incidents.

Amid chants of “hey, hey, ho, ho; Racism has got to go” and people holding colorful signs, speakers from various campus groups expressed their disappointment with the occurrences at the rally, which was hosted by the Vietnamese Student Union.


The young man below is 6' tall.  He is my son.


Anonymous said...

Asians, despite voting overwhelming democratic, aren't really a liberal darling group. I bet this was written by a jealous asian guy, and not white women. Though I'm sure they'd give white women a pass as well, as they must somehow be oppressed for being a woman. Maybe free birth control will ease her suffering..

Bird of Paradise said...

And remember that incedent when that student used the therm WATER BUFFALO against those black woman making that annoying sound?

Brian from Virginia said...

How about this: people can date whom they wish, as long as they treat each other decently. Maybe have some things/interests in common also. Otherwise, who dates whom isn't my concern.

Anonymous said...

I would doubt this would be written by an Asian student since th word Honkie is a derogatory used by Blacks. Most US born youths wouldn't know the word, let alone understand the meaning. The likelihood is this is from a LIBERAL ARTS or HUMANITIES major vice a technical major. Thus, the dominant groups in those majors are white non-Hispanics, Blacks and Hispanics, you will have conclude one from those ethnic group would have done it and likely a female.

Anonymous said...

Here's another great PC story that won't be international because only whites can be racist.


Anonymous said...

Generally speaking, the only time you will see black women with Caucasian men is if the guy's old, and loaded with cash. On the other hand, black men see a White woman as a "prize", like having the biggest chrome rims on your car. Those relationships usually end up with the White woman being left pregnant, beat-up, or murdered, proving that there is still some justice in the world.