Sunday, December 09, 2012

A comparison

The usual suspects have mocked and criticized distinguished NFL player Tim Tebow for his practice of going down on one knee and praying during football matches.  Tebow is an evangelical Christian

But the same people seem to have been mute about annual Muslim prayers in the streets of NYC.  Tebow doesn't hold up or obstruct anybody by his devotions but Muslims seem to think they have a right to do just that -- and Mayor Bloomberg permits it, of course.


Anonymous said...

Denard Robison, who plays for the University of Michigan, does pretty much the same Tebow move when he runs in a touchdown, and nobody gives him any grief for it. Then again, he's not white.

Bird of Paradise said...

Typical two faced liberal hypotcrits say chritianitly is bad but islam is good since most liberals have NO BRAINS and NO HEART

Anonymous said...

You're right Bird. The good part is that when the radical Muslims take over, it's those bleeding-heart, guilt-ridden, self-hating liberals who will be first on the chopping block.

The funny part? Most weak, gullible, and brain-dead Americans still don't get that we are involved in a "religious war", not just with Islam, but with the Godless cretins of the Left as well.

Anonymous said...

This country and the rest of the world have turned to satan and his fucking filthy blood cult, islam. jESUS is forgotten, decentcy is abandoned all for political correct asskissing to these pig followers of a pig religion.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Bloomberg is still out looking for bottled water. These things take time.

Anonymous said...

Stupid religioids of all stripes will probably destroy civilization in their pointless "wars".

Go Away Bird said...

Darwinism was one of the principal factors becuase NAZISIM and COMMUNISTS

Anonymous said...

The war between good and evil has raged since the beginning of time, and so long as there is evil in the world, it will never end. And, human nature being what it is, there will never be a time when the world will be free of evil.

Kee Bird said...

Rememeber it all started in THE GARDEN of EDEN and the FORIBDEN FRUIT

Anonymous said...

Why is one okay and the other not?
1> Muslims threaten violence and follow through on their threats when their religion is disrupted
2> Christians rarely follow through on threats of violence.
3> Christians tend to be very pro western and pro capitalism
4> Muslims hate Jews, Christians, and the west in general, therefore are accepted in the leftist media circles.

These same reasons are also reasons why atheists (anti theists) and the FFRF rarely if ever go after Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Who says one is ok and the other isn't?
Both are personal expressions of faith in public, both are ok by me.
Not necessarily something I would do myself but if they want to express their faith that way - more power to them.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:50

I think you're missing the point.

If a bunch of christians blocked traffic for an hour to pray the left would lose their collective minds and the atheists would be screeching about "separation of church and state" (no such clause BTW).

The muslims got a permit and a blessing from the mayor of NY (the town their "religion" tried to destroy) can you imagine the laughter of the mayor if a christian group wanted a permit to do this?

The comments here are about hypocrisy and a double standard. Muslims are allowed along with witches, druids, Buddhists and any other religion to do as they please where they please but not christians.

Christmas is under attack like never before, if the muslims get a holiday for themselves do you think they will have to make it "secular" to please the atheists?

The reason? Atheists and most liberals at heart are cowards, they fear islam because they use violence to get what they want. They know christians will not kill them if they denigrate their beliefs.