Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Australian Leftist government fights internet regulation as being a threat to free speech

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy arrives in Dubai on Monday to lobby against proposed changes to internet regulation that web giants such as Google warn "could permit governments to censor legitimate speech – or even cut off internet access altogether".

From December 3-14 representatives of 193 governments and other telecommunications stakeholders will gather in Dubai for the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) to update global telecom rules.

Last updated 24 years ago in Melbourne, the treaty sets out regulations on how international voice, data and video traffic is handled. US officials, European Parliament, internet companies and activists have expressed concern at proposals from some countries including Russia and China that seek to extend the regulations to cover the internet.

Now Senator Conroy, who will lead the Australian delegation, has entered the fray, saying “Australia does not believe a case has been made for change”.

Senator Conroy believes the existing multi-stakeholder regulatory model administered by ICANN is “essential for ensuring that the internet remains a central point for innovation and a driver of economic growth”. He said he would formally meet the heads of other delegations in Dubai and hold bilateral meetings with a range of countries to seek their support for Australia's position.


In some ways Australian Leftists are to the Right of the GOP. They budget for a SURPLUS, for instance -- spending LESS than they raise in taxes


Bird of Paradise said...

Leftists reject all sorts of freedom their totaly for BIGGER GOVERMENT

Anonymous said...

If Australian leftists budget for a surplus then why is our nationanl debt so big? There will be no surplus this year thanks to irrational spending.

Anonymous said...

It is a little strange isn't it?
This same government was pushing for a national internet filter not so long ago.
As for the national deficit - you can largely thank John Howard for the entrenched thinking in Australia now that the budget must be returned to surplus ASAP. It wasn't always so but even Labor accepts it now. They have to so they look like decent economic managers.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the left wing Australian government have an ulterior motive for voting against global UN internet control. They must have some form of legislation they have planned would be prohibited under the proposed UN treay. No doubt to do with the desire to regulate the media and remove freedom of speech in this nation.

Go Away Bird said...

Leftists defending FREE SPEECH is a big time joke