Monday, December 03, 2012

Must not disrespect Obama

If the mockery had been directed at GWB, it would have been just fine

A US firefighter has been sacked for putting toilet paper imprinted with President Barack Obama's face in a fire station bathroom

It was the third time Clint Pierce had posted political paraphernalia on city property and a violation of a direct order to cease and desist from such behaviour, according to city records.  He had until 5pm on Friday to turn in his badge.

"It was clearly a case of insubordination," said Sandra King, a spokeswoman for the city of Pompano Beach.  "He had a similar situation of posting political messages on city property, and he was given a free pass at that time and told to cease and desist, and he did it again and really exacerbated the situation."

Pierce, 50, had been with the department since November 1993. He could not be reached for comment on Friday.

The incident exhibited "tasteless and disrespectful treatment" of the President, "caused significant divisiveness within the department and community", and led to "a community outcry" and "negative national news coverage", fire chief Harry  Small wrote in a November 29 order calling for Pierce's termination.

After investigating the toilet paper stunt, Small "found no evidence to indicate that Pierce's actions were racially motivated, but rather they were politically motivated".

But black activists in the city saw it differently, appearing in force at Tuesday's City Commission meeting to express dismay at what they saw as Pierce's disrespectful, offensive and racist actions, and to call for his dismissal.

"If you don't know what it means, I'm going to break it down to you very gently and very nice," Carlene Duncan said.  "It means 'we will wipe our butt with your face,' and that's not very nice. That's very disrespectful to our president.  [How awful!  Were they respectful towards GWB?]

The toilet paper appeared in a Pompano Beach Fire Station restroom on October 19 and Pierce admitted putting it there as a "gag", city records show.

He had earlier placed a bumper sticker that "did not cast the President in a positive light" [Shocking!] on his locker and had a coffee mug with a picture of the President portrayed as a clown.



Bird of Paradise said...

Obama is a dictator we,ll might as well get used to living under a dictatorship

Anonymous said...

If a President is to have respect and unify a nation, it would be better to have a ceremonial president or a figure-head monarch, and not a party-politician.

Anonymous said...

Pompano Beach is deep in Obummer country. And, as usual, local black "activists" will never miss a chance to whine about "racism", even in a case where none exists. Notice how no one mentioned the firefighter's First Amendment rights and the fact that political speech, which this clearly is, is protected speech.

In fact, it's the very same argument used by those same black whiners when they attacked GWB on a daily basis.

"Beware of those who cry racism, for they are the true racists..."

Anonymous said...

If someone did that with GWBUSH, it would have been ok..but put the asshole pos obama and all of sudden get ye gone.

Go Away Bird said...

Obama can go jump ina lake i,ll never repect this lowlife reptile

Anonymous said...

Whether you like Obama or not this was a pretty stupid act and seemed to be the last in a line of stupid acts that he was expressly told to stop.
If he had been wearing a badge on his own time - no problem. Even putting the toilet paper into a private bathroom - no problem.
Putting a political toilet paper roll into a fire station bathroom is inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

Must honor the Obamessiah. The one. He who is the divine son of the god of the State. The one true leader to deliver us into the hands of the promised land of the Fatherland. All hail Obama, peace be upon him.

Kee Bird said...


Use the Name, Luke said...

I have to wonder what Mr. Pierce thought would happen. Did he expect to be treated like a hero? Or the next step in the responses to his previous provocations?

When you deliberately stick your thumb in someone's eye by being provocative like that, you to need to expect an equally provoked response.

On the other hand, I have to wonder what kind of response he would have gotten if he had installed the leftists' favorite toilet paper, or something with all the recent Presidents' faces.

Anonymous said...

I dislike the current president as well, but Pierce did this to himself. Politics can be.very disruptive to a work force which needs to cooperate. A fire crew is a tight knit group and their lives depend on each other. Causing hard feelings could actually be dangerous for Mr Pierce, not too smart.