Thursday, December 20, 2012

Must not mention Muslim attacks on Christians in the Holy Land

The Israeli embassy in Dublin has apologised for a post on its Facebook page which said if Mary and Jesus were alive in Bethlehem today Palestinians would probably lynch them.

The post, which was made on the Israel in Ireland Facebook page, showed a picture of Mary and Jesus.

It was accompanied by the comment: 'A thought for Christmas... If Jesus and mother Mary were alive today, they would, as Jews without security, probably end up being lynched in Bethlehem by hostile Palestinians.

After going up around midday, by 3pm it had 20 'likes', though several comments expressed distaste for the post.

Among them was one saying: 'Have you no regard for honesty whatsoever? If Jesus & Mary were alive today, they would be protesting against the Israeli occupation of Palestine, along with all the Palestinian Christians currently living in Bethlehem.'

The post was reported in the major Israeli on-line news site, Haaretz as well as on the Washington Post site today.

When contacted a spokesman for the embassy confirmed the page was an official embassy site. Asked who posted to it he said: 'Different members of staff at the embassy post to it.'

He then asked if The Irish Times was doing a piece on it and was told it was a possibility.

The post was removed about half an hour later and replaced with a statement:  'To whom it may concern: An image of Jesus and Mary with a derogatory comment about Palestinians was posted without the consent of the administrator of the Facebook page. We have removed the post in question immediately. Apologies to anyone who may have been offended. Merry Christmas!'



Anonymous said...

The brainwashed have no desire for the truth. It disturbs their comfy, cosy world of rainbows and unicorns. When its their heads on the block, literally, they may finally have a flash of insight. It will be too little, too late.

Bird of Paradise said...

If mary and Joseph were alive today they would be pursued by the UN for refusing to reconise other false relegions

Anonymous said...

If the Holy Famiy was born tday, they would be hung by the palistinian pigs. Fuck the moose-slimes.

Anonymous said...

Truth, reality, and facts are no longer acceptable. That is the first step in the decline and demise of a society.

Anonymous said...

If Joseph and Mary were alive today they wouldn't have needed to go to Bethlehem. They could have just stayed in Nazareth.
Taxes would have caught up with them there.

Anonymous said...

If Joseph and Mary were alive today they would be hiding from the arab spring and start worshipping Allah.

Anonymous said...

If Mary and Joseph were alive today, Jesus would have never been born because Mary would have likely been pressured into getting an abortion.

Go Away Bird said...

And with the UN funding the abortion annon 4:08