Wednesday, December 19, 2012

RNC finance chairman Ron Weiser taking flak over Detroit comments

He said that Democrat "get out the vote" efforts in Detroit were feeble.  But because most Detroiters are black you must not say that apparently

The finance chairman of the Republican National Committee Ron Weiser is under fire for telling a Milford tea party gathering in August that there's no longer a political machine to get Detroiters out of "pool halls and the barber shops," where they are bused from "precinct to precinct where they vote multiple times."

The comments, called racist by a top Democratic Party official, were videotaped by a Democratic Party operative and posted on YouTube this week.

Weiser, the former Michigan Republican Party chair, also said few non-Detroiters would show up at the polls "without a sidearm." His comments came as he told his audience why he believed former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney had a chance at stealing Michigan away in November's presidential election.

"Well, let's look at Wayne County. Two big groups. The first one's Detroit. Population's now shrunk under 700,000," Weiser, an Ann Arbor businessman, said. "Secondly, no Coleman Young machine. No Kwame Kilpatrick machine. There is no Dave Bing machine. There's no machine to go to the pool halls and the barber shops and put those people on buses and then bus them from precinct to precinct where they vote multiple times. And there's no machine to get 'em to stop playing pool and drinking beer in the pool hall. And it does make a difference."

Weiser explained his remarks in a statement: "I was asked to address whether the GOP candidate could win in Michigan. My 'political machine' comments referred to past Democrat Party political machines that, among other things, helped get as many votes out as possible in prior elections."

Daniel Baxter, the city's director of elections, said he's worked for the department since 1985 and has never heard allegations of people voting multiple times. [He must be deaf]



Bird of Paradise said...

If a demacrat had said the same thing about the demacrats you wouldnt hear a thing

Anonymous said...

The efforts weren't feeble, they were corrupt.

Anonymous said...

If not for corruption and lies, Democrats would never win an election. They are lucky they have a nation of weak fools to manipulate.

Anonymous said...

A once mighty union stronghold, Detroit is a shadow of its former might. An interesting side story is that of Michigan now becoming a "Right to Work " state meaning that workers are no longer forced to join a union. They actually have a choice whether or not they want to subsidize the Democrats. Of course there is rioting and violence, surprise surprise. The irony seems lost on the unions whose perpetual demands sunk the worlds mightiest automakers to bankruptcy. GM is exhibit A.

Go Away Bird said...

Detriot was once the car capital of america now thanks to stupid enviromental regulation and goverment interference its fast becoming a ghost town