Monday, December 10, 2012

Fury over pop star's tweet on domestic violence

He's got a point but you must not say that, apparently.  It's "complex"

THE Irish singer Brian McFadden has enraged anti-domestic violence campaigners with a tweet saying women who stayed in violent relationships were "pathetic".

On Friday night the former Westlife singer tweeted to more than 230,000 followers: "Men who hit women are pathetic. Women who make excuses and stay with the guy are just as bad."

The feminist and sociologist Eva Cox berated the axed Australia's Got Talent judge, saying the tweet was "very immature" and "silly".

"Domestic violence is very complex and women in those circumstances are told it's their own fault, they get convinced they're inadequate, ugly, and made to feel guilty," she said. "We need to support the women and say it's not right and you're not the cause of it."

By Saturday afternoon the post had been repeatedly retweeted and attracted replies from upset fans, such as: "That shows a complete lack of understanding of the intricacies of domestic violence."



Anonymous said...

We are now in the 21st century, where truth and facts are often seen as "offensive" to someone or something. Much of that is the result of having a society which is totally addicted to political correctness, a phenomenon created expressly for the purpose of avoiding truth and reality.

Any man who knows women will tell you that the very last thing a woman wants to hear is the truth, especially when it's about her self. That explains why most women will go shopping and try on clothes they know to be several sizes smaller than their actual size.

Generally speaking, women do not view life in a factual, rational way. Their world is based on "emotions and feelings", which often has nothing to do with reality. In fact, most of their lives are spent avoiding reality. Just ask any plastic surgeon which sex makes up the overwhelming majority of his patients. It's simply another way to escape reality.

Bird of Paradise said...

Did you remmeber THE BURNING BED the case of the abusedd wife who set her drunken sleeping husband on fire and burned him to death

Anonymous said...

They ignore the fact he criticises the abuser - they focus instead on the mistake of criticising the victim.

Anonymous said...

There's too much drama in relationships with bad boys, so even the feminazi type can't resist, thus women are perpetual victims. The drama is too important.