Thursday, December 13, 2012

Australian Federal police raid a critical blogger

There's clearly a free speech defence here.  Opinions are not threats  -- not outside Communist countries, anyway. 

Looks like he is going to be charged under Federal law, which is very restrictive, though rarely used.  If it gets as far as the High Court, the law could get knocked on the head.  But they have picked on a little guy so that is unlikely

A Sunshine Coast man whose home was raided by at least 12 federal police yesterday denies he is a terrorist or has links to outlaw bikies.

Glenn Dirix admitted he regularly sent confronting emails to federal and state MPs, including one where he apparently wrote "I wish (Prime Minister) Julia Gillard was dead", but he said he did not believe he was a security threat.

Mr Dirix considers himself a blogger who merely makes comments about Australian politics. He sends the emails using his own name to the public email accounts of the politicians.

He said among the emails, for example, were pictures of politicians with clown hats on, a picture that described Treasurer Wayne Swan as an "economics illiterate", and a picture of Ms Gillard and Mr Swan in a parody of Custer's last stand, a commentary on the 2013 federal election.

Mr Dirix has been charged with seven counts of using a carriage service to "menace, harass or cause offence" and one charge of assaulting police.



Bird of Paradise said...

Becuase no one is allowed to critisize BIG BAD ROTTEN DIRTY BROTHER

Anonymous said...

It's simply a matter of time before we see politicians around the world exert control, (as in censorship) over the internet. In fact, and in many places, that move has already started. Why? Obviously, to squelch opposition. And you can bet your life that control will include taxing the internet. There are Trillions of dollars floating around out there, money that politicians can steal, waste, and give away to buy votes. How long did you think they would let that go?