Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Herman Cain: New York Times is 'racist,' 'deserves widespread censure'

Objects to liberal paternalism

Former presidential candidate Herman Cain makes a return to the world of media criticism today with a column accusing The New York Times of racism.

Cain cites an opinion piece by University of Pennsylvania political science professor Adolph L. Reed Jr., himself an African-American, in which Reed refers to African-American Republicans as "tokens" and "a puzzle."

"Any newspaper that would publish a piece denigrating blacks as needing the benevolence of big government in order to serve their interests is obviously racist and deserves widespread censure for making such an insensitive and racially biased editorial decision," Cain writes on his website, CainTV.com.

"It’s a shame The New York Times is such a racist newspaper," he writes.



Bird of Paradise said...

The NEW YORK SLIMES needs to be totaly BOYCOTTED its a terrible waste of trees and free press to continue to print this leftists propeganda rag

Anonymous said...

Bird of Paradox needs to be beat up in a bar fight.

Bird of Paradise said...

Annon 2:41 needs to be marooned in the wilderness for a week or more

Dean said...

Adolph Reed - one more example of a liberal racist who believes skin color rather than intelligence should determine political affiliation.

Go Away Bird said...

The Grey Lady is showing signs of senility

Anonymous said...

Bring me the head of Wayne LaPierre.