Saturday, May 08, 2010

Should the American flag ever be incorrect in America?

You can bet that the Mexican flag is never incorrect in Mexico
"On May 5, five students at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, Calif., were sent home for wearing clothing featuring the American flag. Their offense: trespassing on Mexican heritage during Cinco de Mayo. Administrators called the flag-wearing "incendiary" and likely to cause violence.

The school district overrode the decision, and the boys were allowed to return to school. In response yesterday, about 200 students staged a walkout carrying Mexican flags. The question is: Who taught these kids to hate America so much?

There should be nothing disrespectful about the U.S. flag to Americans of Mexican descent or to any other immigrant group. Teaching children that their heritage is at odds with their citizenship promotes disunity and divisiveness. While the high school's administrators may have been responding to a real public-safety threat, that threat was the product of their failure to instill a sense of national pride in their students.

Identity politics has become such a staple of public life and education in recent decades that incidents like this illustrate the poisonous effects it has on the nation. In the past, immigrant groups would attempt to outdo each other in demonstrating their patriotic attachment to the country that gave them safety, opportunity and freedom. Today, immigrant activist groups think patriotism is at best an inconvenience, at worst a sellout. They have replaced the melting pot with hardening battle lines in a struggle for power.

Not all flags are created equal. Some flags may be fashion statements, but the American flag is the patriotic symbol of the nation in which we live. This is why the American flag flies outside schools as opposed to, say, Zimbabwe's.

Schools should spend less time telling patriotic students not to cause a ruckus simply by wearing the national colors and more time teaching the kids who are offended by the American flag how wrongheaded their views are.



Anonymous said...

This is simple. Mexican Americans, especially those here illegally, are taught by crazy leftists that the U.S. illegally seized the entire Southwest, including California in the Mexican American War. Yes, we did win the Southwest during that war, but not illegally. The treaty that negotiated our takeover of the land was done legally and approved by the U.S. Senate.

Anonymous said...

So military conquests are legal because the victors say so - yeah, we've all read our history books!

Anonymous said...

"Teaching children that their heritage is at odds with their citizenship promotes disunity and divisiveness."

Which is exactly what the left has been trying to (and successfully I might add) do for the last several decades.

We The People said...

Anonymous said...
"So military conquests are legal because the victors say so - yeah, we've all read our history books!"

No, they're legal because WE fought, and WE won! The 200 protesting "students" should have been turned over to ICE for immediate deportation. Then you would see how fast they pick-up an American flag.

The only reason these people act this way is because they (as does the rest of the world) understand that for the most part, America has become a nation of weak, mindless fools who care more about political correctness than they care about their own country. No other country on earth would allow an invading army of people to "illegally" enter it's territory and demand that their priorities be respected.

For the time being, this is still America. It's OUR holidays, OUR laws, OUR traditions, and OUR way of life that must be respected! Anyone who doesn't like that idea can GET THE FCUK OUT!

Bobby said...

Can American kids living in Mexico come to school wearing old glory on the fourth of July? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

3:13 AM - your answer to the quote you copy is agreeing with it, not disagreeing!

The Finn said...

What the hell is wrong with these people? Who are the ones who made the decision to ban the American flag? Are they elected officials? And why the hell is Cinco de Mayo celebrated in American schools in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Interesting enough some of the Hispanic students think that the 5th of May is Mexico's Independence Day, that is incorrect.

Mexico shares the same Independence Day as the US, July 4th. Although our shared independence day occurred in different years.

I didn't see a problem with people wearing American flags on St. Patrick's Day when people were wearing Irish flags. Of course, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day. And, I don't care that people are wearing Mexican flags on the 5th of May. But this is the US, we should be allowed to show (and some people wear) the American flag at any time.

Anonymous said...

July 4th is a shared Independence Day, but Mexico celebrates September 16th as the official Independence Day. Mexico has had to fight for independence numerous times.

Anonymous said...


A faux ‘holiday’ which was created by a brewskie company, it gives the Colonistas in our midst a chance to taunt their myopic American hosts: "We’re still here mooching off you, chumps."

TheOldMan said...

What about the students of French ancestry? Shouldn't the Mexicans be respectful of their feelings? After all, May 5 celebrates a military victory over the French.

Anonymous said...

Fuck all these damn "mexican-Americans!" They keep pulling this shit and we keep letting it happen in PC (pussy coddling) America!

I am now racist against these fucking wetback assholes!

Bobby said...

"I am now racist against these fucking wetback assholes!"

---There not all the same, one of the kids wearing an American flag has a Mexican father, a legal-immigrant, I saw it on The O'reilly Factor.

Anonymous said...


"Having no substance of its own, the left is inherently parasitic; like a cancer cell or virus, it survives by posing as a healthy member of the same host it attacks and ultimately destroys. This pattern of "mimic-attack-conquer" has given us liberty-hating "liberals," leftist mainline churches that publicly embrace what their own teachings explicitly prohibit, and educators whose goal is to ensure that all children get left behind."
– Daniel H. Fernald

Anonymous said...

the illegals have an ally in the kenyan mullato mutt in the white house. The American flag should be flown all over America, the mexican flag should be flown only over the mexican embassy and the mexican consulates. God bless the five boys at the california high school.