Sunday, May 02, 2010

Free speech for us

We read:
"From reading New York Times editorials, I gather that the First Amendment protects celebrities who curse on TV and pit bull enthusiasts who sell dogfighting videos.

Yet somehow it does not protect conservative activists who hate Hillary Clinton, Christian student groups that exclude people who engage in extramarital sex, or petition signers who fear harassment if they are publicly identified as opponents of gay marriage.”



Anonymous said...

Yup, the tide of Liberalism-Socialism is washing over America's shores.

Unfortunately, the moderate Conservatives are being beaten down or are too busy working and raising a "traditional" family to come to terms with the evil that has crept in and will soon dominate the entire country.

I'm glad (for the first time) that I'm just shy of 68-years and woun't have to suffer the indignities of seeing a great country decompose into a sewer of Socialist dung too long.

I can't say I pity the youth because most have fallen prey to the "let's stay connected" culture and live for today to be concerned about how America will be in 15 or 20 years.

Fairwell traditional America. It was great knowing you.

Bobby said...

The young are starting to lose faith in Obama, they're seeing that the "hope" and "change" rhetoric were just empty words. Next election they're either not going to vote or vote republican, after all, voting for an African-American won't be a novelty anymore.

Anonymous said...

Well said bogs. We're both in pretty much the same situation, age wise.

IMO, what we're seeing happen to our country is not the fault of the lying, corrupt politicians, but of a weak, mindless population that has lost it's will. For decades, we have heard the term, "the dumbing down of America". Well, it wasn't simply some phrase. It was a plan. A highly-organized, well thought out plan by the Left to control how the American people think and act. And, thanks to the MSM/entertainment industry, it has worked!

When the people of a so-called "free country" pay more attention to TV programs than to their own government's activities, you just know things are going bad. Very bad! The American people have allowed themselves to be anesthetized by diversions, like so-called "reality shows". (which BTW, have nothing to do with reality) They sit in front of their TV and take as fact the highly-biased lies they're told by the MSM's talking-heads.

And the result? The result of the peoples weakness is that they no longer have any control of "their" govt. It is now the govt. telling the people what to do, instead of the other way around. And, it's only just begining. There's a very high price to be paid for being a nation of week, mindless fools, and the people are starting to find out just how high that price can go.

Anonymous said...

"election they're either not going to vote or vote republican, "

No. Next election they'll once again fall headlong for the next batch of empty promises, hype, smokescreens, and villifying of right thinking people thrown up by the left.

That's a trend that's been going on in Europe for decades, and has now reached the US as well.

Bobby said...

Speaking of free speech, here's an interesting video about why obscenity should not be illegal.

Robert said...

Though the Left's spin machine may crank into high gear, there is nothing they can do about how people feel deep down in their bones that there is something seriously wrong, with the sense that the current crop of politicians have something to do with it. The people do seem to be waking up, and this article from the American Spectator, if its analysis is correct, paints a very hopeful picture for the next few elections and beyond.

Anonymous said...

There's an old saying in politics, and one that is very true. "The voters have very short memories", and that's especially true when they are blinded by lies, distortions, and diversions, put in place by the leftist media. Don't ever count on the American voter to wake up. If they were capable of waking up, we wouldn't be in this mess. Generally speaking, people are too weak and stupid to have the power of the vote.

Anonymous said...

As a 60+ myself, I understand the above remarks, but I also remember my grandparents saying equivalent things about my own generation when the date was the 60s; and any look back to writings centuries ago will show similar sentiments from the older generation. So I guess the youngsters of today will be saying much the same in decades to come.

Anonymous said...

Anon 417, If they are still permitted to make such comments. It could very well be that they are disallowed to speak out on such subjects. Collect your welfare check and shut up, will be the MOTD.