Saturday, May 29, 2010

Must not insult critic of Israel?

Muslims can shout insults at everyone day in and day out -- but they have special privileges, of course.
"Two ultranationalist Israeli activists have been arrested for shouting insults at White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

The two men approached Emanuel Thursday as he was touring Jerusalem's Old City with his family under heavy security. The protesters began shouting insults and slogans from afar, yelling, "Jerusalem is not for sale." They were referring to the White House pressure for Israel to halt construction in disputed east Jerusalem.



Anonymous said...

I could understand arresting them if they were throwing things and such, but arresting them for shouting is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Throwing things Anon?

You mean like SHOES?

Anonymous said...

Their outburst was not only understandable, but legal and appropriate. But they're wasting their breath, because the only jews Emanual and his boss care about are America's leftist jews, their money, and their votes, both of which Obummer received en masse.