Sunday, May 23, 2010

Muslim intimidation triumphs again, it seems

We read:
"A Facebook page considered offensive to Islam that led to a Pakistani ban on the site has been removed, possibly by its creator.

Facebook said on Friday it had not taken any action on the page, which had attracted more than 100,000 users and encouraged users to post images of the prophet Mohammed, purportedly in support of freedom of speech.

Most Muslims regard any depiction of the prophet, even favourable ones, as blasphemous...

The Facebook page, called "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!," had declared Thursday as the day to draw Mohammed, so it was possible the creator took it down Friday because the page had served its purpose.

The page encouraged users to post images of the prophet in protest against threats made by a radical Muslim group against the creators of the American TV series South Park for depicting Mohammed in a bear suit during an episode earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Seattle cartoonist Molly Norris, whose satirical cartoon calling for an "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" inspired the Facebook page, said in a post on her website that she meant her work only to be a commentary on the South Park controversy.



Bobby said...

Maybe the creator of the page was facing death threats, I feel sorry for the guy.

Use the Name, Luke said...

The page was relaunched earlier today. Apparently, the account of the person who originally set it up was hacked and his personal information accessed.

Anonymous said...

The Mooooslime bullies will never allow anyone who shows the Prophet Mohammud eith in a realistic or cartoon version to live in peace.

But thats how insecure dysfunctional knuckle-draggers operate.

Anonymous said...

pigs are offensive to Islam too. Are they going to ban all pictures of pigs?

Anonymous said...

Or, perhaps the creator of the page invited tens-of-thousands to send in drawings of Mo-ham-head so that he/she wouldn't be the only target?

I don't find references to this cult's phony "prophet" to be offensive, especially not after what i've seen done to images of Christ. What i DO find offensive is having radical Mooselambs still living. All who worship and believe in this radical cult must be eradicated. Does that sound too cruel? If so, it's only because you don't understand what they have planned for you.

We, (non-radical Mooselambs) are involved in a religious war with radical Islam, even though we don't know, understand, or realize it. And if there's one thing history has taught us, (or should have taught us) it is that when at war with religious fanatics, you had better make sure your side wins!

Anonymous said...

I can confirm that the site is back up, and as far as I can tell the uploaded pictures are complete (at least, mine is still there). There is a comment: "Lets celebrate the sites resurrection with a lot more drawings" so clearly the site was down for a while, almost certainly not voluntarily. There are currently 113,400 people who "like" the group, and 13,200 uploaded pictures.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:50, no, but draw a turban and a beard on a pig, and you'll likely get yourself killed!