Monday, May 24, 2010

Must not write in opposition to "diversity"

Washington University physics professor Jonathan Katz, one of five scientists appointed by the Obama administration to oversee the oil 'spill' mess in the gulf has been decommissioned.

He was fired, not because of incompetence, but because his online compositions question the value of diversity. Specifically, he wrote that the diversity movement is innately racist stating that "race matters only to racists."

Sad that politcal correctness trumps expert scientific contribution. Some of his scholarly writings have been posted at Scientific Commons

Katz sounds like a fairly mainstream conservative -- and that will never do in a U.S. government employee during the Obama regime


Anonymous said...

One of the favorite tricks of the Left is to disguise it's actions and intentions. (Ever notice how the most radical, left-wing groups alway pick the most patriotic-sounding names?)

When challenged in court, the Left's Affirmative Action plan was found to be exactly what it "claimed" it was fighting, racism and discrimination. Did they get rid of that racist policy? No. They simply did what they always do, they changed it's name to "diversity". It's goal is the same, to give racial preference to anyone who's (not) White.

That this Marxist and racist US administration would "openly" continue to use this policy is not a surprise, since it's plan is to do away with democracy and turn America into Venezuela North. And, when you are in a position to rule a nation of weak, mindless sheep, it's not very difficult.

Anonymous said...

"...race matters only to racists."

Wow, what an amazingly concise and accurate summation of fact!

To most people, race is nothing more than irrelevant background noise that is meaningless in everyday life. But it is the racist who sees race as something that must be brought to the forefront of debate.

Anonymous said...

"Beware of those who cry racism, for they are the true racists"

Anonymous said...

"Race" is never the real issue - it's culture and lifestyle.