Sunday, May 02, 2010

Hate speech OK in Britain -- for Muslims

The prosecutors wimped out:
"A Muslim protester who daubed a war memorial with graffiti glorifying Osama Bin Laden and proclaiming 'Islam will dominate the world' walked free from court after prosecutors ruled his actions were not motivated by religion.

Tohseef Shah, 21, could have faced a tougher sentence if the court had accepted that the insults - which included a threat to kill the Prime Minister - were inspired by religious hatred.

But - citing a loophole in the law - the Crown Prosecution Service chose not to charge him with that offence and he escaped with only a two-year conditional discharge and an order to pay the council £500 compensation after admitting causing criminal damage.

Yesterday the decision was attacked by politicians and veterans who were shocked by the desecration of the memorial in Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire.


By contrast, a white holocaust denier recently got 4 years in jail


Anonymous said...

The comments under the source article are relevant here.

Anonymous said...

That doesn't make sense.

He writes that Islam will dominate the world, yet the prosecutor says that it wasn't religiously motivated?

I guess intelligence is not required for the position of prosecutor.

Anonymous said...

Remember.. Muslims have more rights. He'd have slightly less if he was a white muslim, but maybe on par if he was a homosexual activist.

Anonymous said...

"He writes that Islam will dominate the world, yet the prosecutor says that it wasn't religiously motivated?"


That statement was motivated by cowardness just like the censoring of the South Park episode that portrayed Muhammad as a bear.

The Christian/Jewish West is being over-run and defeated by its own faulty concept of "fighting fair".

Muslims are using this to bully their way into and destroying our culture from within.

That's how HIV/AIDS virus works. Invade the cell and destroy from within!

Of course the only effective way to deal with this "virus" is to annilate it TOTALLY! But that's against the Judeo-Christian ethos...So the Liberal-Socialists tell us.

Aussie Bob said...

This is something that Britain and it's people richly deserve. Brits have always been known for caring more about their good manners than their own survival. Now they're going to find out the true price of such weakness and cowardice. Radical islam will soon have complete control in Britain, not just "almost complete" control, as it has now. I just hope more valuable American lives are not wasted protecting this nation of pansys, as was the case in WWII. We should have let Hitler have the place. He would've done a better job.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Mohammed, and the camel he rode in on.

Anonymous said...

I would bet good money that a Muslim Holocaust denier would get off without any punishment, just like this terrorist lover. G-d help you if you are a white heterosexual though.

Anonymous said...

Aussie Bob - the Japs should have overrun your backward country and made a much better job!

Anonymous said...

I am calling for another crusade to run the cockroach pig kissing mooslims out of europa, also we will need to chase the politically correct asses in england out too.

Anonymous said...

islam the religion of the antichrist and satan.