Saturday, May 22, 2010

NH: American flag may fly again outside home

We read:
"A Navy veteran in Hillsborough will now be allowed to fly his U.S. flag outside his apartment building. Hillsborough police said an agreement has been reached to allow residents of the Maple Leaf Village complex to fly flags.

Joe LeVangie, 88, and his neighbors had been told to take down the flags because they were displayed in violation of a policy set by the management company.

LeVangie is a World War II veteran and said he flew his flag to honor troops serving overseas. … Police said all parties are in agreement, and the details will be worked out with the property custodian.”



Anonymous said...

It really doesn't matter that some agreement is reached here. That an objection to, or complaint about, flying our flag "anytime and any place" is an outrage.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:20AM:

1. What do you mean when you say "our flag"? Do you assume all readers are from the US? (Odd, since the host of this blog is located in Australia)

2. Should there be any limits at all on when and where you can fly "Our Flag"? Can I walk into a school or hospital operating room or courtroom with a 20 ft x 30 ft flag and say it is my 'right' to fly it?

3. What if I signed an agreement with my landlord saying I agree NOT to fly any flag as a requirement of my lease?

Anon 1:20 said...

Point well taken Anon 4:23. Well, your first point anyway.

As for #2, aside from your lame attempt at sarcasm and your idiotic notion of walking into an operating room with a flag, schools and court rooms in the US, since they are govt. entities, already have flags displayed. (required by law)

And #3, NO ONE can tell you not to fly "our" flag. Doing so is grounds for a federal law suit. And for those who are ashamed of their country's flag, well, that's their problem.

Anonymous said...

Not ashamed of our flag. Ashamed of the right wing wackaloon teabaggers that claim it for their miserable little selves.

Anonymous said...

In today's world, just because you sign an agreement doesn't mean anything.

There have been several cases where employees acknowledged random drug tests were required for employment before they were hired then sued when they were fired...

... and got reinstated!

This was in the US...